1000 Gifts {February}

When I posted about the journals that I got for our family to count our blessings, a few people asked how we are doing that.

dayspring journalsIf you have read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, you know “Ann encourages you to make each day a holy experience, and to live life being alive to the blessings, the gifts, and the moments that God gives and invites you to embrace.” Ann has a Joy Dare on our site which gives prompts for 3 gifts a day, resulting in 1000 gifts by the end of the year.

We are just keeping it simple, and doing what the girls have been doing for the past 2 years. At the end of each night, we talk about our favorite part of the day, and what was a blessing to us that day. Sometimes it’s things, like Rainbow Loom, a DVD we watched, or chicken salad. Sometimes it’s people, like our friends, our family, or those we have blessed. And other times it’s special moments, like riding our bikes together, performing on stage, or celebrating a birthday.

Below is a peek into our journals. We date and write one blessing for each day. When 2015 starts, we will turn to the first page again, and under 1/1/14, we will write 1/1/15 and add our new blessings, and we can also remember our blessings from exactly a year ago.

(In case you can’t read ours, I wrote, “Other adults in my kids’ lives who value who they are” and Norm wrote, “Playtime with the kids.”)

Besides journaling, writing cards has always helped me gain an attitude of gratitude. It is not something that I have much time for these days, but would love to get back into the habit of doing. Dayspring is having a few specials that you ought to take advantage of if you want to write cards to say thanks or happy day! 🙂

The card sets are Buy 2 Get 1 Free right now. There is a cute Peanuts set, which comes with sticker sheets too!!! And you guess it, I love stickers too!! And since Norm’s “groom” “I Do” mug broke, my “bride” “I Do” mug is starting to get a bit lonely. These Mr. and Mrs. mugs will be a great replacement.
peanuts mrmrs

Do you like to journal? Write cards? What kind of mug do you have? Do you have any favorite Dayspring products? We would love to hear from you!

Valentine’s Card-Making Party

We love going to Creekside Church’s parties! Last week we went to the Valentine’s Card-Making Party and invited a bunch of friends to craft some cards and munch on goodies.

Here are the stations:

Emily working on her card

Melody and her creations

And then, there was playing tag with friends and just hanging out chatting…

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day most be the most profitable days for florists.  There were long lines at every florists I walked across when going back home from work this past Valentine’s Day.  Mostly guys were in line buying roses (or other flowers) for their significant other.

I happened to check out the pre-made bouquets and they were decently priced.  So I decided to stand in line and buy a bouquet.  It was perfect because there was at least one flower with everyone’s favorite color.  The middle flower was a rose, although it wasn’t red, it was beautiful anyways.

The crazy part of this story was the guy in front of me in line.  He decided to make his own bouquet by starting with a half-dozen long stemmed red roses, then added some lilies, asked for some baby’s breath, and then asked for a couple more long stemmed red roses.  Anything to make a full and pretty bouquet so he said.  The florist rang him up and told him the bill would be $103!  He just charged it on his debit card.

Are you kidding me?  $103 for flowers?  I would never pay that much for flowers.  That same selection would be 50% or 65% less the day after.  Flowers also only last for a week or two….unless you’re good at taking care of them, a little longer.  Joyce would rather have me spend the same $103 for useful items we can use on a daily basis or groceries.

What is the most you would spend on flowers?

– Norm