Valentine’s Card-Making Party

We love going to Creekside Church’s parties! Last week we went to the Valentine’s Card-Making Party and invited a bunch of friends to craft some cards and munch on goodies.

Here are the stations:

Emily working on her card

Melody and her creations

And then, there was playing tag with friends and just hanging out chatting…

Kiwi Crate: Family Game Night

Kiwi Crate: What is it?My Rhythm Bells | My Xylophone | Antarctic Adventures

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So, you must have already noticed a trend in our Kiwi Crate posts. We always put together our projects in the evening after dinner. And I guess the rule around here is that you need to be in PJs in order to do the projects. :p Sorry for ugly lighting in the photos. It pretty much looks like that at our house after dark. Any house lighting experts out there who can help us out? 😉

Kiwi Crate #3 = Family Game Night (We LOVE games!!!)

All the materials you need to create 2 projects.

Project #1 = My Board Game – This one was very involved, so we worked on this last. Norm and Emily worked on separating the game cards, and Melody and I worked on putting together the board.

Coloring the board

Adding color to the wood block aka dice.

Still coloring the board…

All done! And we played a few games. 🙂

Project #2 = My Comet Toss – Norm and Melody worked on this one.

Sample Project = My Pop-Up Card for Valentine’s Day

Emily totally loved making this one for her friend. She did it all by herself! 🙂

Finished Product – Ta-da!