A Little Update

Norm is starting his new job on Wednesday. It is still out in San Francisco. He will still be taking BART out like before. The only difference is that his new workplace is located right next to the station that he gets off of. Instead of a hour commute, it will only be about 35-40 minutes. That’s a big difference. One that I like. Before when he had to work late, there would be no way for him to arrive home to eat dinner together. Anyhow, they sent us a little outfit for Emily with the company logo on it. That was really nice.

Pray that everything goes well for him. The position is a little different from what he’s been doing, but seems to be a good fit.

My infection has gone away, and Emily has been giving us a good amount of sleep. Melody loves her to pieces, even ignoring us sometimes to just say hi to her baby sister. She also loves to give her kisses. She’s pretty gentle with her, but wants her to “open eyes” and play. =p I’m sad that I won’t be able to take Melody to storytime for awhile as we get adjusted to being a family of 4. It’s her favorite thing to do.

Pray for the 3 of us to be able to survive while Norm is at work. haha My dad and Norm’s parents will be coming by to help out.

Until we get our new laptop, updates on our blog will be less frequent than usual. If you need something to read in the meantime, visit our review blog: Recycle. Reuse. Reduce. Review.

– Joyce

Our Week in Photos (Week 21 of 52)

Okay, so the title is kinda a fib. Our laptop is messed up, and we haven’t uploaded any photos because we can’t really see them. I’m making myself blind trying to read/type on this thing. But for the sake of consistency, that’s our title. =p I’ll have to catch ya’ll up in 2 weeks probably…after our new laptop arrives.

Click HERE for a brief update. Other than the usual “life-with-a-newborn” routine, we’ve been trying to get our rest. Norm is starting his new job this coming Wednesday. They sent us a Harry & David’s gift basket to welcome him. Yum! Thanks again for all who kept us in your prayers.

Please pray for me. I am fighting off an infection from breastfeeding. It’s like a flashback of 2 years ago…except hopefully I won’t end up in the ER this time. =(

Week 20 of 52 (Only 3 photos because we got our hands full midweek.)

To read Melody’s account of Emily’s arrival, click HERE.

– Joyce

All Systems Down

We apologize for not updating, but our laptop is done for. I’m typing in Safe Mode right now, and I mostly just see lines across the screen. We got a new one, but it’s not going to be shipped until June. If anyone has a laptop we can borrow for awhile, that would be a great help.

Emily sleeps really well right now. She lost 6 ounces during the hospital stay, and gained back 3 ounces at her checkup yesterday. We have another appointment next Tuesday. Melody is doing great with her big girl bed…sleeping in it the whole entire night. We’re still working on the pottying, but at least she sits on the thing. She is learning so much each day. I am amazed! Norm is starting his job on Wednesday, so tomorrow is his last storytime at the library with Melody. His work sent us a Harry & David’s basket with some goodies. Yum! I’m doing well besides the lack of sleep. Recovery is a lot better this time around!! Yay for that!

I can’t stand the pink lines anymore…hope to give another update soon!

– Joyce

Evolution of Anxiety

Okay, we might be almost done with this whole anxiety phase that Melody is going through. A few weeks after it started, we realized that it’s not truly and wholly separation anxiety. You can see her little brain going, and she started getting a little nervous when we got ready to go somewhere, or if someone were coming to visit. It took awhile, but she would calm down. When my former high school classmate was coming over with her 2 kids, I decided to tell Melody about their visit a few minutes before. She was crying thinking about it, and within a minute of their arrival she stopped.

And also at church, it was the same thing…she would have a mini-freakout at home or in the car before getting to church, but once we got there, she was fine. Now, we just don’t tell her what’s going to happen, and she seems to be okay with that. Except with church, she knows that we go on Sundays, and the whole routine of it all, so she’s still a little nervous. You know because she tries to get out of going, or stalling by not changing her clothes. But she didn’t cry one bit yesterday!! Hurray!…only because I totally distracted her with songs, and crazy noises.

2/18 – Update on the Separation Anxiety
2/11 – Separation Anxiety

February Update: Challenging Times

Although January ended on a bit of a sour note. February allowed us to become more refreshed. We started out our month (Super Bowl Sunday) at a Worship Night at our friends’ church. Norm was backup to the backup (who couldn’t make it that night) on bass. The following week was just as exciting because we celebrated Melody’s 2nd birthday. She has grown so much this past year. It has been a challenging month though because she’s been going through some crazy anxiety. Despite that, life goes on and we’ve had some fun. Norm and Joyce got to try out a Japanese restaurant in Hayward. We visited some of our friends who are expecting the arrival of their 2nd baby. Joyce did the glucose tolerance test, and the result was good news. This month ends the monthly visits to the doctor’s, and so that means it’s getting closer…(it’ll be bi-monthly visit from now until the last month for those who don’t know). Things are going well. We ended the month at our church’s Pinewood Derby and Chili Cookoff. It was great fun. Melody loved watching the cars go down the ramp, and we’ll definitely have to go when doors open to taste ALL of the chili next year.

Week 6 of 52
Week 7 of 52
Week 8 of 52
Week 9 of 52

Update on Glucose Tolerance Test

I got the results back from the glucose tolerance test. It looks like I passed. Whew!!

The standard range is 70-140 mg/dL. I’m at 106. (I love that I have access to my medical records online. It beats waiting to hear the results when I go to my next appointment.)

Actually, I’m surprised it’s as low as it is because my cure for my morning sickness is ginger ale, and then there were the holiday goodies that I can never pass up, and there was Melody’s birthday cake….

So far everything seems to be going well. I’m in my 3rd trimester. I’m having a hard time finding a comfortable position to sleep in though. I haven’t kept track of my weight gain, but it’s all in the belly…again… *sigh* I wish it would spread out just a little. If you look anywhere else on my body, you can’t even tell I’m pregnant, but the belly totally gives it away. Seriously, it’s all belly. I know that in a few weeks, I’ll probably be super sleepy during the afternoon.

So my next appointment is this coming Monday. Please pray. Thanks.

– Joyce