Dinner with Tylers

Last Wednesday, we visited the Li family. We picked up some Papa Murphy’s and headed over. Their son Tyler is 5 months younger than Melody. They two of them were so excited they didn’t even want to eat the pizza, and just play together. Tyler loves to dribble the big bouncy ball. They are expecting a baby at the end of March.

And who else is expecting a baby at the end of March? The Yuen family! Their son’s name is also Tyler, but he’s 5 months older than Melody. We visited them yesterday night. Tim cooked up some scrumptious baked rock cod and bok choy. Melody enjoyed the choy with her Dino Nuggets. Thanks to Kim’s mommy who helped clean up after us. Tyler knows so many words now, and is talking a lot!

Thanks for sharing most of your toys with Melody, Tylers! (I know, they’re all in their “mine, mine, mine” stage.) Sorry Melody is still going through her anxiety phase, and we couldn’t enjoy our time together more. We are so excited about the births of the two Tyler’s baby siblings. And our little arrival in May will have playmates. Hooray!

– Joyce

Our Week in Photos (Week 8 of 52)

Enjoy your weekly dose of Melody: Week 8 of 52

Our Week
We left the kid at home and went out for Japanese on Monday. Yay! Thanks for Jen and Aaron who volunteered to babysit. Melody had a great time. After storytime on Wednesday, we went over to Joyce’s parents to pick up some blank CDs that Norm needed for his worship stuff. It was supposed to be a quick stop, but Melody wanted to stay for lunch. That night, we picked up Papa Murphy’s family size pizza (half Cowboy Pizza and half Chicken Bacon Artichoke)…and cheesy bread….and a garden salad (all for one low price of $15.99), and visited the Li family who are expecting their 2nd little one in a few weeks!! Melody went through her anxiety thing again when we got there, but enjoyed playing with Tyler’s toys…and sometimes Tyler. Tyler was like a magnet to my belly bump. Norm met with a recruiter on Thursday. Hopefully, she give him some leads, but it’s tough right now.

Thanks for everyone who has been praying for us. We still need it. We know that God has His timing, but it’s hard to wait, especially considering our circumstances. He has always been our Provider, and we are looking forward to sharing the great things He will do in our lives.

From Week 8 of 52