Compassion: The Roadshow 2014 Tour

Follow the Compassion Bloggers in UgandaOur friend is a volunteer coordinator for Compassion, so she hooked me up a volunteer gig at a Compassion event (The Roadshow). When I arrived I met a couple who were child advocates. They registered me and gave me a volunteer sticker with my name on it. I was assigned to be a packer passer (or aisle runner).

One of the volunteer coordinators gave us a briefing on what to expect and what to do. All of the volunteers then were escorted up to the concourse (where all the other vendors were and the main Compassion booth was). The Packer Passers were given a bright blue Compassion apron with a money bag in the pockets with pens and packets of children that need to be sponsored.

I was assigned two sections where I was to go up and down the aisles holding up packets in hopes that people in the audience would want to sponsor needy children. Unfortunately, I was assigned one of the upper level sections, where there were only a handful of people. A few minutes after we were supposed to be walking up and down the aisles, security closed off the entire top deck due to lack of people there. The Packet Passers in the lower levels had much more success. In fact, 188 children were sponsored that night!

All of the volunteers then turned in their materials and got to sit in empty seats and watch the rest of the artists that were playing/performing that night. I got to watch Third Day and Jamie Grace. Skillet, Andy Mineo, Royal Tailor, We As Human, Soulfire Revolution, Vertical Church Band, and The Neverclaim were also there.

After my volunteer time, I got a chance to FaceTime with my girls (since the arena had WiFi) before their bedtime. I showed them inside the arena and outside on the concourse, including the Jamie Grace booth.

I talked to one of the volunteers who worked Jamie Grace’s booth and she told me that Jamie Grace was going to be signing after the show. I ended up staying late after the show, bought a poster, and Jamie Grace signed it for my girls. Not bad for one night’s (volunteer) work.

The Roadshow 2014 event made an impact on 188 children! Can we help make an impact on the lives of 400 more children? Let’s do it!! 167 children have been sponsored so far, but there are more waiting. SPONSOR A CHILD TODAY!

– Norm