Spring Cleaning Your Sanctuary

bedroomAround this time of year, many people get the itch to do some spring cleaning. It is a whirlwind from the holidays on, and it is March before we realize the Christmas ornaments are still taking up residence in the garage, right in the middle of the path from the house to the car. True story. No matter how disorganized the rest of my house is, I usually try my hardest to make sure our bedroom is tidy. However, it has been a bit crazy the past few weeks, and I let a few things pile up.

Here is the state of our bedroom this past week:

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Also, here’s an Update: In my last post about Marriage Goals in Action, I gave you 3 action steps to take. One of them was to schedule some Date Nights. I scheduled a date night for every 3rd Monday of the month on our Google calendar, and so far we have been able to go out sans kiddos in January and in February. This month, the mom’s group I am in, MOPS, is organizing a night out, and in April, our church is also organizing a night out for the couples with young kids. Hooray for a communities that encourage parents to grow in their marriage!

Are you a spring cleaner? Is your bedroom your sanctuary? If not, what is one thing you can do this week to make it a sanctuary