Compassion: What to Send to Your Compassion Kid

Happy (belated) 5th birthday to Solissa!

This is my view of our new photo of Solissa from my chair at the desk.

If you have been keeping up with us at least since November 2010, you will know that we sponsor a Compassion child in the Dominican Republic. She shares the exact same birth date with Melody. Last Thursday, they both turned 5!

We had sent some stuff to her in January. I think some child sponsorship programs allow for sponsors to send actual things to their child, but Compassion only allow paper items because of strict mailing regulations in other countries. We are, however, able to send monetary gifts, and whoever is in charge of the child’s case buys something for the child.

Anyway, if you sponsor a Compassion child, remember to write to them at least 3 times a year since they are also required to write to us at least 3 times a year. I think it’s important to build that relationship, so that the sponsorship is not just something you do because it’s the right thing to do.

Here are some things that we have sent:

  • stickers
  • coloring pages
  • a letter
  • photos
  • bookmarks
  • drawings

You can get more ideas from Blogging From the Boonies and the Compassion International website.

So this post reminds me that I should send her an email today. =)

What things do you send your sponsor child?

– Joyce