It’s A Girl!

We have been searching for a few months now. There were 2 times when we finally came upon girls who had the exact same birthdays as Emily, but they were seriously sponsored before we were able to click on any button! And then, it happened one day. My speedy fingers got a girl sponsored! I’m not quite sure that Emily knows that it means to sponsor a child, but she was pretty excited about it.

So here she is, our second Compassion daughter, Lucnise Francois. Yes, I know, quite fancy for a little girl’s name. 🙂

She is from Haiti, which is right next to where our Solissa lives, in the Dominican Republic.

So this May 13th we will be celebrating 2 little girls’ birthdays!

We can’t wait to learn more about Haiti and put together our first piece mail to our little Lucnise! Yay!

Do you have a sponsored child? What you benefited from the relationship?

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