Splatter Art Gift Bags

Melody had been planning her Arts and Crafts birthday party for awhile now. Besides “milestone” birthdays, we usually keep the girls’ parties lowkey with a few close friends, and celebrate through the month. Melody thought of some fun stuff to put in the favors bag, so I thought it would be neat to have a splatter art gift bag. Little did my non-creative self know that it is not as simple as it looks.

Inspired by the “paint splash” printable from this Colorful & Creative, Art-Inspired Birthday Party, we got right to work.

We got our supplies together…

…and got our paint shirts on.

The paint didn’t really splatter as much as we wanted it to. I totally forgot that it needed to be more runny. So for attempt #2, we had to mix the paint with a little water in an old ice cube tray. It worked!

Soo….we brought everything outside. The girls chose their brushes and colors, and splattered away!

I printed out the friends’ names in different colors on white cardstock and used some pop-up adhesive squares that were left over from an American Girl stationery set.