Our Week in Photos (Week 34 of 52)

SaturdayRigatoni’s and Yogofina with Norm’s cousins and family
SundayDaimo with Aaron’s family (It was great to meet Jen’s future in-laws!!)
Thursday – Norm and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! (See album for details. =p)

Tomatoes news: I think we might have even more tomatoes this year than last. The count is up to 68! Anyone have some tomato recipes to share with us?

Small Things news: I’ve been keeping up with all the Small Things this month! Yippee! Couldn’t do the pet one since we’re not pet people. So I got a day off there, and then yesterday I kinda got a break because the Small Thing was “Selah“.

Visit our album to see what else went on this week: Week 34 of 52

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

– Joyce

From Week 34 of 52

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

How funny that I had taken a photo last week, and was going to post about it. The Small Thing over at Home Sanctuary today is about removing things that don’t belong. The only thing is…even though this doesn’t belong I need it there. In due time, I will have the Boppy off my bed…and one day, maybe out of my house.

– Joyce

From Week 29 of 52

Our Week in Photos (Week 29 of 52)

This past week was quite eventful. We were able to spend time with lots of family and some friends. And we also have wonderful news to share. My little sister Jenny got engaged on Saturday. Welcome to the family (soon) Aaron! Yippee!! I get to be a matron of honor. I’ve help to plan/coordinate many weddings already, but this is my first time actually being in a wedding, besides my own. You can check out a photo of the lovely and silly couple in this week’s album: Week 29 of 52. See, they’re wacky. I love them! I think Melody loves them more.

Sorry Company Girls, I haven’t been keeping up with the Small Things this month either. I am doing my daily tasks that I have on my housekeeping schedule though. Yay for that! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I will, because I’m going to attend a wedding of a college friend who I met when we were in Campus Crusade! And perhaps head over to a BBQ at a high school friend’s house…don’t know how much activity the kiddos can take.

– Joyce

From Week 29 of 52

Our Week in Photos (Week 22 of 52)

*Checkup – Emily had her 2-week checkup on Tuesday. She has regained her birth weight and then some. She is now 7 pounds 0.5 ounces.

*New Job – Norm started his new job on Wednesday. God never ceases to amaze me. His timing, His provision, His love.

*New Laptop – It arrived yesterday so we are finally going to catch up on our photo uploading and posting. We’ll probably post over the weekend, so we’ll have to leave you hanging with just the one photo below.

*Big Sister – Melody is doing the best that she can. The hardest part is when I have to feed Emily and can’t really help her if she needs it. Otherwise, she still keeps us surprised by how fast she learns things each day. She knows how to count to 10…almost to 20 something, but misses 1 or 2 numbers and it’s not in the right order. She can count to 10 in Chinese. And she knows quite a few songs. Her memory is AMAZING! I wish I had memory like that. So don’t make promises you can’t keep. She’ll remember.

*Small Things – As for the Small Things, let’s just say I’m giving someone else a chance at the prize this month. =p

*Coming Up – I’m very excited about some things that are coming up. My sister is getting the keys to her new house today. Next Friday, one of the very first students I ever had in VBS is graduating from middle school. He was 4 when I met him, and he will be 14 this year! Then, on Saturday a friend is getting married. And summer is almost here!!

– Joyce


Our Week in Photos (Week 14 of 52)

Our Week
We enjoyed a nice sunny week, but looks like the winds are coming back. To make up for the lack of photos last week, we have quite a few to highlight for Week 14 of 52.

Next Week
Norm’s leading worship for Palm Sunday, but I’ll miss the service because I’m receptionist for the Children’s Ministry. I heard it’s jam-packed with all sorts of stuff. I’m sad to miss the kid’s perform their song. And the bell choir is playing too. We’ll be celebrating Norm’s birthday this upcoming week as well. It’s the big 3-0!! The recruiters that Norm has been talking to say that it’s been busy for them because companies are rehiring now…after they laid all those people off. We’re still waiting…

Small Things
We were out quite a bit this week, so I actually didn’t work on too many Small Thing. And I’m hitting the 3rd trimester wall soon. By early evening I’m exhausted…not super exhausted, but it’s hard to keep my eyes open at times. I’m still keeping up with my household tasks that Rachel Anne had us done earlier in the year. It’s been working out really well. As for the Small Things, I’ll probably slow down for a bit.

Look forward to visiting everyone this weekend! If not today, by Sunday.

– Joyce

From Week 14 of 52

Our Week in Photos (Week 11 of 52)

Our Week
We started out the week with a visit from Joyce’s high school classmate. She came to drop off some stuff from the 10-year high school reunion last year. She brought her sons, one who is a week younger than Melody and the other just 2.5 months old. They had fun playing together. You can check out some photos here: Week 11 of 52. We actually headed out to San Francisco for dinner with Norm’s family on Tuesday instead of them coming over to our place. Melody was super excited to go back to her first home. hehe Crossing the Bay Bridge she kept pointing to the Bay and saying, “Boats!” Not too many boats out, but some cargo ships.

*Norm has a phone interview today (10AM PST).
*Joyce has a doctor’s appointment on Monday.
*Melody’s anxiety has evolved. If we give her a heads up on what’s going to happen, she gets nervous about it and cries before it happens. Like when I told her my former classmate was visiting, she cried, but after they arrived she was fine. Same with going to church, she cries before we get there, and once there she plays okay. Poor girl.

Small Things
Completed everything again this week! Woot! Yesterday’s Small Thing was an easy one because Melody is an awesome little helper!! She usually cleans up after herself without being asked. At night, she puts stuff away (like her blocks) and says “Good night” to them. We’re really blessed! We’ll be stopping by for “Coffee” some by this weekend. Have a great Friday everyone!

From Week 11 of 52