New Phone Every Two

So the battery on Joyce’s cell phone is dying.  She has to charge it every night now when she didn’t have to as often before.  Verizon gives us credit towards a new phone with their “New Every Two” option and Joyce’s is coming up at the end of this month.  If she upgrades….which phone should she get?  She likes a candy-bar style phone (no slide or flip) and the size of her current phone.  Plus, it should have Bluetooth to sync with our RDX’s hands-free link.  Optionally, it should be able to withstand being dropped by Melody or the new baby on an occasional basis =p


Joyce’s Current Phone: Motorola SLVR L7c

Weight: 3.7 oz.

Width: 2 in.

Depth: 0.5 in.

Height: 4.5 in.

Main Features: Sleek design and size; Bluetooth; Speakerphone


New Phone Selections for Joyce: LG Dare or Blackberry Pearl?

LG Dare

Weight: 3.76 oz.

Width: 2.2 in.

Depth: 0.73 in.

Height: 4.1 in.

Main Features: 3.2MP camera/camcorder with SmartPic and Face Detection Technology; Touchscreen; Bluetooth; Music Player; Speakerphone

Blackberry Pearl (in Silver or Pink)

Weight: 3.4 oz.

Width: 1.90 in.

Depth: 0.60 in.

Height: 4.2 in.

Main Features: Sleek design and choice of color; 2.0MP camera; Bluetooth; Music Player; Speakerphone; Blackberry Messaging Features

…so which phone should she get?

– Norm