Summer Reading Game Completion

Melody participated in 2 reading programs this summer because we’re nerds cool. I had blogged about the one at San Leandro because that one was more “involved”. Melody had to do actual book reports. I can’t remember if I explained the CV one, and I don’t feel well today and don’t want to look through the blog to see if I did or not, so stay with me here as I explain (again).

Each participants get a game board. For each 30 minutes of reading, Melody got to color in a water droplet (theme is Making a Splash – Read!). When we go to the library which is once a week, at least, she can choose to spin the spinner or pick up a duckie with a number on the bottom to see how many spaces to move. It was just 1 or 2 spaces each time.

From Week 31 of 52 (2010)

Halfway through there is a 1st prize.

The first prize included:
*”Read” Tattoo
*Lawrence Hall of Science free admission with adult ticket purchase
*Chabot Space & Science Center free admission with adult ticket purchase
*Charles Schulz Museum free admission with adult ticket purchase

At the end, there was the final prize:
*Tote bag
*Book (Winnie The Pooh Grand Adventure)
*4 oz Golden Spoon coupon
*MOCHA drop in session
*Circus ticket (but I don’t think got the actual ticket, Melody just grabbed something from the box)

From Week 31 of 52 (2010)

I think that’s all she got. Can’t remember right now….

We are looking forward to going to all the places that Melody got prizes from, and also the Summer Reading Carnival at SL Main on Saturday.

Sites We Love: Shelfari and Goodreads


I can’t remember how I found these two websites, but because I am a bookworm I use them quite frequently. You can use these to keep track of books you have read, and see what your friends are reading. There are book reviews and suggestions of books similar to the ones you read. Shelfari is more visually appealing than Goodreads.

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