Less Than 40

It has been hot lately!!! I’m so glad that the baby will arrive pretty soon because I would not like to be pregnant during the summer.

Let’s see…how am I doing?

My back actually is not as tired as before, but my legs are feeling it. It must be the baby heading on down…and out soon. I’m actually not as tired as I thought I would be, but that may change in the next couple of days. However, I do use the bathroom one extra time at night now…which sucks when I can’t fall back asleep afterwards. And this baby is definitely an ACTIVE one, so if there’s movement at night, it’s super hard to sleep.

We’re meeting with the pediatrician next week. Since we’ve moved, we have still been going to Melody’s other pediatrician out in the city. It’s quite a ways away, but we love her dearly, and our little group that has been getting together since the 3 kids were born.

My bags are mostly packed, and we’re getting some final items for the baby. Since Melody says the baby will be here on May 7th, I guess I really have 16 days left.

– Joyce

Glucose Tolerance Test

I did the glucose tolerance test yesterday morning. (For those who don’t know, it’s to find out if you have gestational diabetes.) They gave me lemon-lime for the test because I had orange last time. So I’ve been told that this test was horrible and the stuff is nasty tasting. (We used to have a can of some glucose powder mix that we drank when we were little. It didn’t taste nasty to me, so I’m wondering what it is that they used to give this test before.) I guess that must have been before the flavors came out. Because we were still living in SF during my first pregnancy, I had the test done at a lab in Daly City, and they had a different brand of glucose drink. To me, the orange drink tasted like melted orange popsicle. This time around, the lemon-lime drink tasted way more carbonated than last. It was like a supersweet 7-Up.

Anyhow, you have 5 minutes to down the thing (which is hard to do when it’s carbonated like that…it’s 10 oz). You can’t eat 1 hour prior and following, as some foods (like a big scoop of chocolate ice cream topped with the works) may alter the results of the test. I don’t think anyone wants to have to go back to take the 3-hour test. There’s also a warning on the label that the drink can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or fainting. Yikes! So I did this in the morning yesterday, and went in to get my blood drawn after an hour. (Read my previous experience of blood work at the center on my momaroo blog. Luckily, I got another nurse this time, and there was no digging into my veins this time around. Whew!) We should be getting the results back by Wednesday. Like any test I take, I hope I passed!

– Joyce