“To Walk or Stay” Book Club :: Chapter 9 Discussion {Prayer}

To Walk or Stay book club

Each week a different blogger will host a discussion on one of the chapters. We are nearing the end of To Walk or Stay, so if you missed any of the discussions, make sure to click on the chapter links below. Chapter 9 is about prayer that changes things. Discussion will over at Erika Dawson’s blog today. Some cool things about Erika? Her husband grew up in the jungles and she love books <–you know anyone who loves books? 😉 ! Head on over to the book club post and join in on the discussion: http://erikadawson.com/prayer-that-changes-things/

April 18, Chapter 1 :: Lara Williams at “To Overflowing
April 25, Chapter 2 :: Crystal Stine
May 2, Chapter 3 :: Katie Orr at “Hello Mornings

May 9, Chapter 4 :: Kayse Pratt
May 16, Chapter 5 :: Michele-Lyn Ault at “A Life Surrendered
May 23, Chapter 6 :: Tracie Stier-Johnson
May 30, Chapter 7 :: Francie Winslow at “Up, In, and Out
June 6, Chapter 8 :: Joyce Moy
June 13, Chapter 9 :: Erika Dawson
June 20, Chapter 10 :: Stacey Thacker at “29 Lincoln Avenue

It is not too late to jump into the “To Walk or Stay” book club. You can read more about it at the following link and RSVP: http://tooverflowing.com/to-walk-or-stay-book-club. You can read what I had to say about the book HERE.

Our Week in Photos (Week 21 of 52)

Okay, so the title is kinda a fib. Our laptop is messed up, and we haven’t uploaded any photos because we can’t really see them. I’m making myself blind trying to read/type on this thing. But for the sake of consistency, that’s our title. =p I’ll have to catch ya’ll up in 2 weeks probably…after our new laptop arrives.

Click HERE for a brief update. Other than the usual “life-with-a-newborn” routine, we’ve been trying to get our rest. Norm is starting his new job this coming Wednesday. They sent us a Harry & David’s gift basket to welcome him. Yum! Thanks again for all who kept us in your prayers.

Please pray for me. I am fighting off an infection from breastfeeding. It’s like a flashback of 2 years ago…except hopefully I won’t end up in the ER this time. =(

Week 20 of 52 (Only 3 photos because we got our hands full midweek.)

To read Melody’s account of Emily’s arrival, click HERE.

– Joyce