Disney Junior Pirate and Princess

We decided to make a day of a fun event happening in our area. I read that this event was part of Disney’s Summer of Service, and the tour only stopped in 7 cities. The theme of the event was Power of Doing Good, and all the little stations had activities related to doing good things.

We arrived a little past our time slot, but it doesn’t matter what time you get there because you just get in the line. It wasn’t too long, but still a bit of a wait with little ones. As with all thing Disney, they try to entertain you while in line, so that was good. There was a show playing on the screen, and someone came by to show you a Disney app on the iPad. While in line, we also got some swag. The girls got paper tiaras, which they were able to collect stickers on when they completed each station, and we also got reusable tote bags and water bottles. There is also a Family Service Guide which has a bunch of volunteering tips for parents of young children. There are some great ideas, which I might even share in a future post because I’m all about volunteering.

There was an Experience Guide which explained each of the stations, but I think parents just went in whatever direction their kids wanted to go. :p

Jake’s Beach Treasures – Treasure Nature
Care for Jake’s beach by finding nature’s treasures and placing them in the treasure chests.

Jake & Sofia’s Storytelling Maze – Discover the Power of Storytelling
Travel through the maze and complete your own Jake or Sofie storybook adventure.

The Enchancia Castle – Lend a Helping Hand
Share what you do to help out at home. Choose a magnetic stone and place it on the castle wall to help building the community of Enchancia.

Sofia’s Animal Friends – Care for Animals
Give Sofia’s animal friends food, love, care, and a home.

The Forever Tree – Make a Power Promise
Make a power promise to do good by signing your name on a bracelet and adding it to The Forever Tree promise chain.

It was pretty hot out, so we are thankful for those free water bottles ad a Hydration Station.

Jake & Sofia’s Musical Celebration – Celebrate the Power of Diong Good
Sing & dance with Jake, Sofia, and Radio Disney Junior.

Overall, it was a good time. It was pretty crowded, but it seemed like they were pretty good about letting people in only after others left. It took about 30 minutes to go through all the stations if you are quick about it. :p The event was held at Kennedy Park, which has other fun things to do, so once it was over, the kids played on the structure, went on the carousel, and jumped in the bounce house. And we ended up at Ono Hawaiian BBQ for lunch, and ran into some other friends, too!

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