Our Week in Photos (Week 14 of 52)

Our Week
We enjoyed a nice sunny week, but looks like the winds are coming back. To make up for the lack of photos last week, we have quite a few to highlight for Week 14 of 52.

Next Week
Norm’s leading worship for Palm Sunday, but I’ll miss the service because I’m receptionist for the Children’s Ministry. I heard it’s jam-packed with all sorts of stuff. I’m sad to miss the kid’s perform their song. And the bell choir is playing too. We’ll be celebrating Norm’s birthday this upcoming week as well. It’s the big 3-0!! The recruiters that Norm has been talking to say that it’s been busy for them because companies are rehiring now…after they laid all those people off. We’re still waiting…

Small Things
We were out quite a bit this week, so I actually didn’t work on too many Small Thing. And I’m hitting the 3rd trimester wall soon. By early evening I’m exhausted…not super exhausted, but it’s hard to keep my eyes open at times. I’m still keeping up with my household tasks that Rachel Anne had us done earlier in the year. It’s been working out really well. As for the Small Things, I’ll probably slow down for a bit.

Look forward to visiting everyone this weekend! If not today, by Sunday.

– Joyce

From Week 14 of 52