You can’t do this discipline thing alone.

21 DAYS HEADER.003Welcome to our weekly book club challenge check-in! We’re currently reading 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine. Each one of your comments has motivated to press on even on days when I feel behind. Thank you for doing this 21 Days book club challenge with me.

Here is the remainder of our reading schedule:
October 14-18: Days 8-12
October 21-25: Days 13-17
October 28-31: Days 18-21

I don’t know about you, but around the halfway point in any challenge, I begin to get a little distracted. Well, friends, today is the halfway point of this book club challenge. How are you doing?

If you are beginning to feel that energy start to wane because you got behind one day and now you’re off track, or because you or a family member got sick, or because of whatever other reasons, you are not alone. Here’s what we need – we need cheerleaders!

To read more about how to work on being more disciplined, visit to read the remainder of THIS POST.

Are you seeing progress in forming your habit? Is the completion of your mega-project in sight? Who are your cheerleaders in having a more disciplined life? Please share with us in the comments, so we can celebrate with you!