Gardening Workshop

Photos captioned by Melody

Note from Melody’s mom: A parent in our community decided to lead a workshop for the kids on gardening. I forgot what I was doing, but Norm took the girls, and I walked to meet them at the library afterwards. It’s a nice 15-20 minute walk there. The girls were planting their cantaloupe seeds when I got there.

She is talking about gardening.

Those are foods from her garden.

That is a garden. There are squares of different kinds of plants.

You have to separate the plants or else they will grow too close together.

Emily is doing her project. She is supposed to match the fruits and vegetables.

It looks like hard work. :p

I was supposed to draw a garden by stamping plants in each square.

We got to plant cantaloupe.

We are getting food that the lady grew in her garden.

Emily is coloring an Earth Day coloring page. I’m eating sweet potato, strawberries, melons, carrots, and lettuce.

We are trying out all the foods.

I got to pick a pencil after I colored the picture.

We all had matching pencils.

We learned how to plant the garden, and we went to plant our own garden afterwards at home.

To be continued….Emily will caption a post about our trip to Evergreen Nursery and how our garden is doing.

Sulphur Creek Nature Center Visits the Library

Sulphur Creek Nature Center visited the library in December, and got to hang out with an owl, a mouse, and a chicken. The kids got to hear Christmas stories with the animals which they brought as the characters in the book. The photos below are captioned by Emily. 🙂 And there’s a joke at the end. :p

I like owls and bears.

I like seeing owls.

I like petting chickens.

A joke from the back of one of the books that was read at the storytime:
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Noel who?
No elbows on the table.

Summer Reading Game Completion

Melody participated in 2 reading programs this summer because we’re nerds cool. I had blogged about the one at San Leandro because that one was more “involved”. Melody had to do actual book reports. I can’t remember if I explained the CV one, and I don’t feel well today and don’t want to look through the blog to see if I did or not, so stay with me here as I explain (again).

Each participants get a game board. For each 30 minutes of reading, Melody got to color in a water droplet (theme is Making a Splash – Read!). When we go to the library which is once a week, at least, she can choose to spin the spinner or pick up a duckie with a number on the bottom to see how many spaces to move. It was just 1 or 2 spaces each time.

From Week 31 of 52 (2010)

Halfway through there is a 1st prize.

The first prize included:
*”Read” Tattoo
*Lawrence Hall of Science free admission with adult ticket purchase
*Chabot Space & Science Center free admission with adult ticket purchase
*Charles Schulz Museum free admission with adult ticket purchase

At the end, there was the final prize:
*Tote bag
*Book (Winnie The Pooh Grand Adventure)
*4 oz Golden Spoon coupon
*MOCHA drop in session
*Circus ticket (but I don’t think got the actual ticket, Melody just grabbed something from the box)

From Week 31 of 52 (2010)

I think that’s all she got. Can’t remember right now….

We are looking forward to going to all the places that Melody got prizes from, and also the Summer Reading Carnival at SL Main on Saturday.

Closing and Opening

New CV Library

New CV Library

This Sunday, the CV library will be closed until Halloween. The new building for the library is finished and all the books will be transferred from the old building. I’m very excited about this. I know everyone is used to the current building and some residents have been going there for ages, but it is a little small. One time we were there in the afternoon instead of the morning, and the children’s area was swamped with teenagers. I don’t have anything against teenagers, and I understand that there isn’t a teenagers’ area, but they were a little rowdy for the little ones who were there.

On Halloween, there will be a Great Book Pass from the old building to the new. 300 new books will be passed from volunteer to volunteer until it gets to the new building. I’m not sure we will make it for that, but we’ll definitely be there for the grand opening. The new building is actually closer to us, so that’s another plus. It’s just across the way from the BART parking lots, which is 2-3 blocks from our house.

Since we get warmer weather later over here, I guess we’ll be heading out to the park on Thursday instead of the CV library. Of course, we won’t miss Wednesday storytimes at the San Leandro library. Melody would be so sad. And it also gives us an excuse to check out the other libraries in nearby cities.

We’ve only lived here for 18 months, so a lot of stuff is new to us. I’m sure that this is a HUGE thing for those who have lived here forever. Our neighbors have lived in their house for 40+ years, and probably in Castro Valley for most, if not all, of their lives. I wonder if this is the only library that the city’s ever had, or if there was another building before. We should go take a photo of ourselves at the old building before it closes. That also makes me wonder what will happen to the old building. What will they use it for?

Here are some photos from last April’s groundbreaking:

Running Errands

Wow!! We made it to 3 places today. Only with the help of Norm’s parents. They watched Emily at home while I took Melody out. We deposited a check at the bank. The ATMs weren’t working so Melody didn’t get to press the buttons like she wanted. And we headed to the library…because where else would all the cool people go? =p There were too many people there, so Melody wasn’t as crazy happy like she normally is. I didn’t get a chance to check anything out for myself, so I’ll have to finish re-reading one of my books. I’ll be glad to take more recommendations. A lot of the ones that people have recommended to me recently are new books and they’re not available at the library yet, so I’m still waiting on those. Lastly, we went to Walgreens to pick up a few things. In case, anyone is wondering, they didn’t have Pepperidge Farm Baby Goldfish there.

– Joyce

Where’s Miss Tina?

I took the girls to the library for storytime yesterday. This was my first time out with the 2 kiddos by myself. We’re trying to get back into the groove of things. I’m going over in my head how to take the kids out of the car, and who to take out first, etc… haha

It was pretty cold out, and I was just praying that it wouldn’t rain on us. We actually got to storytime on time…which sometimes doesn’t happen even if I only had 1 kid with me. We got there, and Grandma Pat (the senior volunteer at the library) was super happy to see Melody.

But wait! Where’s Miss Tina? She’s the lady that does the storytime. She’s the best. She really gets the kids engaged in the stories and the songs. (At another branch, there’s this lady that just sits there and all the kids are talking and she doesn’t really know the songs, etc…We just go for the free book and snack. Hey, we’re Asian. )

Anyhow, it was another librarian. We missed her introducing herself because we were talking to Grandma Pat, but we think it’s Miss Kelly who does the Dial-A-Story when you call in to listen to a book being read. She had some good songs, but it’s just not the same.

Emily just slept the whole time (thank goodness!!), and when it ended Melody waited patiently for all the other kids to get their hand stamped, and then went to get hers. (Seriously, some parents need to not push through the “line” with their kid to get the stamp. Everyone will get one. Some of the kids get trampled…by the parents. Oy! The librarian has asked parents to help form a line, but I think it’s only happened once. It’s a stamp for crying out loud! I’ve seen some parents push their kids forward to get the stamp…..)

That was the San Leandro Main Library. We went to the library closer to home today. They don’t have storytime for toddlers there (although I’m sure we can just go to the preschool one), but we checked out some books, some DVDs, and some CDs. That should hold us over for the next week. hehe We are definitely nerdy bookworms.

No Joke

It was a lovely day today. It was a rough night…trying to get Melody to bed, and she woke up early this morning. But…

We had a great day! You’ll see more on Friday in Our Week in Photos. We went to the library for storytime. Melody got 2 stamps, one on each hand. And Grandma Pat was back. She does help to maintain some sanity among the kiddos during the storytime. hehe

Since it was nice and sunny out, with a cool breeze, we went to the park. Last week we went to the park closer to the library, but then everyone came after the playtime. So, we decided to go to the park closer to home. There were a TON of people there!!! At least there are 4 play structures. I hear they’re going to open the water park again…although we’re in a drought (STATE OF EMERGENCY, people!!). Anyhow, it was fun. We came home and had leftover pizza from last night. We went to Papa Murphy’s for pizza yesterday because they were having a fundraiser for a little girl who has a rare kidney disease. Papa Murphy’s was donating 75%!!! of all business from yesterday to the family. Melody liked the Garlic Chicken pizza with tomato.

Come back on Friday to see park photos. For some reason, we have a lot of photos already from this week…maybe to make up for the lack of last week.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.