All Systems Down

We apologize for not updating, but our laptop is done for. I’m typing in Safe Mode right now, and I mostly just see lines across the screen. We got a new one, but it’s not going to be shipped until June. If anyone has a laptop we can borrow for awhile, that would be a great help.

Emily sleeps really well right now. She lost 6 ounces during the hospital stay, and gained back 3 ounces at her checkup yesterday. We have another appointment next Tuesday. Melody is doing great with her big girl bed…sleeping in it the whole entire night. We’re still working on the pottying, but at least she sits on the thing. She is learning so much each day. I am amazed! Norm is starting his job on Wednesday, so tomorrow is his last storytime at the library with Melody. His work sent us a Harry & David’s basket with some goodies. Yum! I’m doing well besides the lack of sleep. Recovery is a lot better this time around!! Yay for that!

I can’t stand the pink lines anymore…hope to give another update soon!

– Joyce