For the Holidays: Kiwi Crates

DSC_0695bWe’ll be featuring some of our favorite things if you need Christmas gifts/activities ideas.
(Disclaimer: Affiliate links are in this post. We personally own and love the things we recommend. We are in this season where we are trying to live more simply, so we know that if you are in the same boat, it is sometimes hard justifying buying anything else! Norm and I have many wonderful memories from our childhood, and with our family now, that don’t involve “things” and “stuff,” because we just enjoy being together. But gifts seem to just happen during the holiday season (and birthdays too), so we want to share some things that we like having in our lives. Any purchases made using the links will give us a percentage to use toward gifts for our sponsored children Solissa and Lucnise. Thank you!)

Kiwi Crate – We love Kiwi Crates! We love to use them for rainy days, and not so rainy days crafts. We use them as birthday gifts. We use them for playdates. We also use them for learning. When you purchase your first crate using THIS LINK, you get $10 off the $20 crate. You can pause or stop your subscription at any time. They have a Black Friday Weekend Deal – 60% off your 1st month Friday, 50% off Saturday, 40% off Sunday, and 30% off Monday. Use the code JOLLY. Single crates are also available. Even if you don’t order anything, check out their website because there are many fun and simple crafts in the DIY Ideas page.

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Here is the fun Modern Art crate that we did a few months ago.

Kiwi Crate: Family Game Night

Kiwi Crate: What is it?My Rhythm Bells | My Xylophone | Antarctic Adventures

(Note: If you would like $10 off your first Kiwi Crate, you can use THIS LINK to order. Remember that you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.)

So, you must have already noticed a trend in our Kiwi Crate posts. We always put together our projects in the evening after dinner. And I guess the rule around here is that you need to be in PJs in order to do the projects. :p Sorry for ugly lighting in the photos. It pretty much looks like that at our house after dark. Any house lighting experts out there who can help us out? 😉

Kiwi Crate #3 = Family Game Night (We LOVE games!!!)

All the materials you need to create 2 projects.

Project #1 = My Board Game – This one was very involved, so we worked on this last. Norm and Emily worked on separating the game cards, and Melody and I worked on putting together the board.

Coloring the board

Adding color to the wood block aka dice.

Still coloring the board…

All done! And we played a few games. 🙂

Project #2 = My Comet Toss – Norm and Melody worked on this one.

Sample Project = My Pop-Up Card for Valentine’s Day

Emily totally loved making this one for her friend. She did it all by herself! 🙂

Finished Product – Ta-da!