NUD: New Ukulele Day

This post is a month late and all happened around the time of my birthday.

I was trying to teach Melody to play the guitar, but she ended up becoming frustrated because her hand was too small to form chords on a guitar neck.  She was even playing my Baby Taylor (a 3/4-sized guitar) which has a 1 11/16″ nut that’s smaller than the usual 1 3/4″ nut.

A group of friends from our old Sunset small group were taking up playing ukulele, so they came over and Melody tried it out.  She liked it and it peeked her interest.  I always wanted to learn the ukulele too as I heard it was easy to pick up.  It should be an easy transition from a guitar and the sounds would bring back joyful thoughts of Hawaii (which is always a plus!).

I ended up looking around on the Internet and bought a practically new Kamaka HF-3 tenor ukulele from the Ukulele Underground Forum.  I printed out some ukulele chord charts I found online and started playing Amazing Grace in about 10 minutes.  It WAS an easy transition!


Later, I showed Melody some ukuleles on the Internet and she ended up picking a Kala Purple Paisley Soprano ukulele to buy.  Melody was thrilled when the ukulele shipped and finally reached her hands.  We ended up buying a ukulele hangar and nailed it to the wall above her bed.  She can play it now whenever she wants (except during times of sleep)…..and she does!


I love that she has an instrument to call her own and is learning to love making music instead of being frustrated by it.

– Norm