Our Week in Photos (Week 16 of 52)

Our Week
– Easter and Dinner with the Laus (my family).
*Monday – Doctor’s Appointment (we were early and doctor was late). Everything is going well. About a month left….more likely less than 30 days.
*Tuesday – Norm cooked up a scrumptious dinner of spaghetti, homemade meatballs, and roasted potatoes for Dinner with the Moys (his family).
*Wednesday – Storytime in the morning. Norm had a phone screen in the afternoon. We went on the hospital tour at night.
*Thursday – Norm had worship practice…without a bass player…again.
*Friday – I think we’re taking a Target shopping trip today.
*Saturday – Sean’s 2nd birthday party!

Check out that belly! It’s big! Week 16 of 52

Prayer for Norm’s job interview on Monday at 11AM (PST). Thanks!

– Joyce

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