Our Week in Photos (Week 13 of 52)

Our Week
– Norm had a 5-hour interview this Monday. It was with 6 people and there was also a test.
**Jury Duty – I got excused from jury duty. Norm checked his status the previous night, and it said to check back at 11am the next day to see if his group got called. He had to go in for 2 hours only to be released because the case folded.
**Norm’s Meetings – Norm is meeting with worship people tomorrow morning, and recruiters in the afternoon.
**Dinners – Jen and Aaron (my sis and her bf) are coming over for dinner tonight, and we’re visiting some friends (one of our groomsmen from our wedding and his wife) for dinner on Saturday.

We didn’t get too many photos in this week because it was actually a little busy, and I’ve been more tired. Enjoy a few from Week 13 of 52.


**Some more possible interviews for Norm this upcoming week.
**Prayer for Joyce and the baby as we head into the final weeks…Doctor’s appointment on Tuesday morning.
**Added some photos to last week’s album. Week 12 of 52
**Melody‘s page is updated with photos from Birth to Month 24. Wow! She has grown up so much since we moved here last year.

Congrats to…
**Allison and Calvin on their engagement!
**Tim and Kim on the birth of their 2nd son Toby!

Small Things
I’ve been trying hard to really work on the Small Things these past months because I know that I will start to feel some exhaustion these next couple of weeks. But I actually missed a Small Thing this week. It was the sweeping and mopping one, only because we just did it.

Thanks for all your prayers!

– Joyce

From Week 13 of 52

Our Week in Photos (Week 12 of 52)

Last Week
On Saturday, we had friends from church over. They have 2 little girls. One is a little older than Melody. They had so much fun. We did make-your-own quesadillas with our quesadilla maker, and Melody seemed to really enjoy it. We made wraps with the rest of the tortilla, and let’s just say that we’ve found a new favorite food for our little girl. I think we might be able to stick anything in there and she’ll eat it…but she’s not really picky about her food anyhow (thank goodness!)

This Week
I had my appointment on Monday. It went well. My doctor got me out of jury duty. hehe Norm may need to go in next Wednesday. Oh, we also celebrated the 1st anniversary of being homeowners!! On Tuesday, we celebrated my birthday early with Vietnamese food at Le Soleil and a free scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robbins. A big CONGRATULATIONS to our friends Dawn and Brandon on the birth of their 2nd baby. Tyler is a big brother to Baby Katherine (Katie)!!! Now we’re just waiting for the other Tyler to be a big brother…any day now. It was an exceptionally sunny day out on Wednesday, so we went to the park after storytime, and Melody did not want to leave. She actually enjoyed doing laps (like her Uncle Bakkie) around the play area and watching the kids, but did play on the structure for awhile. Yesterday, we visited with my mom for our birthday. Yes, we have the same birthday. Week 12 of 52

Thanks to all the Company Girls who have been praying for us. Norm has a first round interview this upcoming Monday for the position that he had the phone interview for last Friday. We’re signed up for the Sibling Celebration and the tour at the hospital. Less than 70 days left now…just counting down. Melody is doing a lot better with her anxiety.

We added a few photos to Week 11 of 52. There was a break from the rain, and it has been rather nice out lately. My dad came over last week to help us start our vegetable garden. Hopefully, we’ll have a plentiful harvest this year, but not so much of the tomatoes because I lost count after 200+.

From Week 12 of 52

– Joyce