Blog Year in Review {2016}

Hello there Friends and Family!

Another year is ending! We’re sure there were ups and downs through the year for you, just as there had been for us, because life. Whatever it was like for you, a fresh start awaits us in 2017. Really, there is a fresh start every single day, right?

It has been quiet around the blog for us, which has been good to live life, but it has always been a good way for us to reflect on what we’re up to and what we’re learning, and hear what you’re up to and what you’re learning too! So we are all hoping to get back to sharing about the happenings in these parts. 🙂

Thanks again for our lovely readers who still come for a visit from time to time.

So, as such, we don’t have too many blog posts to share, but if you weren’t able to come around, here are some things you may have missed.

From Our Family Blog

  1. Summer Reading Programs 2016
  2. Work-in-Progress Mom: 1 | 2 | 3
  3. Gift Guide: Stuff for Advent & Christmas | Dayspring | Games for Kids
  4. Field Trips: USS Hornet Museum | 200 Years of Castro Valley History
  5. Tahoe Trip 2016 Part 2 Recap

2016 posts


From Our Review Blog

  1. Passion: Salvation’s Tide is Rising
  2. Raising Uncommon Kids
  3. The Plans I Have For You Devotional + Journal
  4. Captive DVD
  5. Jesus Today: Devotional for Kids
  6. The Legend of the Easter Robin
  7. Loved + Blessed Box
  8. Under the Sea Holy Bible
  9. Trim Healthy Mama Plan
  10. Esther: The Belle of Patience
  11. Phil Wickham: The Children of God
  12. Would a Worm Go for a Walk?
  13. All Things Beautiful and Bright
  14. The Biggest Story CD/DVD
  15. Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change
  16. Bible Journaling Kit
  17. Amy Grant: Tennessee Christmas
  18. The Beginner’s Bible

What are you looking forward to in 2017?

Happy New Year!

P.S. Joyce’s 2017 Book List is coming soon!

Blog Year in Review {2015}

Hi Friends and Family!

Well, we are halfway through January already, and I am just working on this post about last year. We didn’t blog much this past year because “Be still, and know that I am God” was definitely on my heart. There is always something exciting about a new year, but I think any day can be a fresh start. That’s something I learned from being still. 😉 So we are excited for what all of 2016 holds for us, and you too! Thank you, our precious readers, for hanging out in this virtual space. Here’s a look at the past year on our blogs:

We didn’t quite blog enough to have a good top 10 and bottom 10 from our blog this year, but we still have 20 posts for you. Here are 20 blog posts from this year, the Top 10 posts from our family blog (the one you’re reading!), and also the Top 10 posts from our review blog. We don’t get many views on our review blog even though we have giveaways (hello, free stuff, people!), but again, we are equal blog post opportunity bloggers. We love all of our blog posts equally! :p

Top 10 from Our Family Blog

  1. 31 Days To An Organized Christmas
  2. Book List 2015
  3. Summer Reading Programs 2015
  4. Traveling with Kids
  5. Homeschool Supplies We Love and Use Daily
  6. Australia Trip 2015 Recap
  7. Christmas Lights in the East Bay
  8. Gift Guide: Series Chapter Books (Fiction)
  9. My Norwex Experience
  10. What Do We Have Hair?



Top 10 from Our Review Blog

  1. When Calls The Heart
  2. Nichole Nordeman – The Unmaking
  3. Christy Nockels – Let It Be Jesus
  4. Michael W. Smith – Sovereign
  5. Philz Coffee Truck
  6. We Choose Virtues: Parenting Cards
  7. Hillsong United – Empires
  8. NIV Bible for Teen Girls
  9. Passport2Purity Getaway Kit
  10. Strong & Kind by Korie Robertson


What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Happy New Year!

Blog Year in Review {2014}

Hi Friends and Family!

Another year has come and gone! Thanks for sticking around even though we have been very inconsistent with our blogging. We are definitely excited about 2015, but before it arrives, let’s take a walk down blog memory lane. 🙂holiday2014Here are 20 blog posts from this year, the Top 10 posts, and also the Bottom 10 posts, because (again) we are equal blog post opportunity bloggers. We love all of our blog posts equally!

Bottom 10

  1. Our Week in Photos
  2. NGD = New Guitar Day…Yet Again!
  3. Happy Anniversary {August Date Night}
  4. Same Old, Same Old {May Date Night}
  5. 1000 Gifts {February}
  6. Let’s Eat! {July Date Night}
  7. A’s vs. Mariners {Baseball 2014}
  8. Disney Junior Pirate and Princess
  9. Recently…
  10. Pirate Ship

bottom10Top 10

  1. Another Hairy Story
  2. Christmas (Photo) Cards Prayer Book
  3. Book List 2014
  4. 21-Day Clutter Free Challenge {Day 1}
  5. San Francisco Excursion
  6. Compassion: The Roadshow 2014 Tour
  7. 2014-2015 School Year: Curriculum
  8. Happy Birthday, Mommy!
  9. What We’re Eating: Crockpot Breakfast Casserole
  10. Happy New Year!! 2014

top10Surprise Giveaway
Again, to start the year off, we will have a surprise giveaway!! It’s a surprise because I’m not even sure what we’re giving away just yet. We would just love to bless one of our wonderful blog readers! So….if you want to win something, just leave a comment below letting us know your favorite memories from 2014 and share some of your goals for 2015!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! 2014

New Year’s Countdown
I posted our New Year’s mini-party on Instagram/Facebook, and someone said I was a fun mom. I kinda laughed. Because, the truth is, I am not a huge party person. There’s always this pressure to plan it a certain way, etc. Okay, fine, it’s because I’m an introvert! But I saw a post about doing a New Year’s countdown. I remember seeing it last year, and had pinned it on my Celebrations pinboard. I actually ended up finding other links for this activity, but anyhow, I started putting it all together an hour before we were to start our mini-party. So in the middle of giving the girls their showers and getting dinner ready, I cut and glued and taped. Our party definitely isn’t pinnable, but I think the girls had a ton of fun. We actually started late, but I will post it in the order of the time they should have been done.

How It Went Down
Wording ideas credit: The Real Thing with the Coake Family

5PM = It’s time to work on New Year’s resolutions!
In the Bag: New Year’s printable and pens
What We Did: We uses this printable to write down some memories from 2013 and made some goals for 2014.

6PM = Your tummy says it’s time to eat!
In the Bag: Bead necklaces
What We Did: Ate dinner, which was kind of a throw together meal of quesadillas.

7PM = Don’t get bored! Time for a board game. Let’s play, play, play! Don’t forget to make time for something sweet to eat!
In the Bag: New Year’s BINGO game printable and treats we got for Christmas
What We Did: Played the BINGO game and ate the treats :p

8PM = Time for bed! Just kidding. Just get ready, then time for Dancing in the Dark!
In the Bag: Glowsticks and 1 Girl Nation CD
What We Did: Changed to jammies, turned up the music, turned out the lights, and danced, danced, danced! It was quite a sight, but you couldn’t see us because we were in the dark. 😉

9PM = Happy New Year! Welcome 2014!
In the Bag: Apple Juice box from a birthday party
What We Did: Pour our drinks into fancy champagne flutes and toasted to a new year. Cheers!

Some of the activities took awhile, and others were super fast, so in the meantime, we took silly pics with our photo props.

The girls woke up earlier than usual so they were pretty much done by 7:30PM. We toasted around 8PM and wished our Compassion child Solissa in the Dominican Republic a Happy New Year! We ended up watching the ball drop and the Harbor Bridge fireworks via YouTube videos before 9PM and then wished our Compassion child Lucnise in Haiti a Happy New Year! Next year we will celebrate the New Year with our Asian family and friends. :p Much more doable for sleepy kiddos (and parents). 🙂  Click on link for more photos from our New Years Mini-Party and New Years Week.

How did you celebrate the last hours of 2013?


pinterest-to-real-life-2014-buttonSince I’m all about putting my goals to action this year, my friend Nicole’s monthly link-up, Pinterest to Real Life, is a perfect way to keep accountable to that! I have pinned lots of stuff with every good intention of baking/cooking/crafting/etc. It usually doesn’t happen because life happens. I would love to move toward “getting it together” this year, sooo…here we go…. If you want to join in, it’s easy. Choose something you’ve pinned, do it, share about it. That’s it!