What Do We Have Hair?

If you know me, or have been following the blog for awhile, you may know a few things about me…one of them being that I am pretty low maintenance. While I don’t want to go out and scare people with my appearance (I hope I don’t anyway), I also don’t do much in terms of hair or makeup. That’s just me. When I was younger, I did love figuring out how to do different hairstyles, not necessarily for going out, just fun to try. My mom does not know how to do hair at all, so I am thankful for awesome friends who taught me, namely Breanne. đŸ™‚ For the longest time though I could only do a French braid on my own hair, but not other people’s hair, and I’m still not that great at it.

Anyhow, fast forward to present day. I have two girls. They had/have long hair. You can read all of our “hairy” stories HERE. I was pretty unmotivated to do their hair (for no reason, probably just lazy :p haha), but when I did get chances to do their hair, I really enjoyed it. I like chatting with them while we sat together. And lately, Emily has been brushing my hair. I must say it is quite relaxing. So this has nothing to do with anything, but I figured you all needed a break from my decluttering talk.

We have been watching some videos on Cute Girls Hairstyles on Youtube. I have tried several on the girls (half mermaid, waterfall, rope twist, 3D braid, microbraid, etc.), but have only gotten pics of a few of them. ‘Hair’ you have it:

Fishtail Braid
This is Emily before her 5th birthday party. She requested a fishtail braid because her favorite Rainbow Loom bracelet to make is the fishtail one. (Yes, I know that one in the pic is not the same way as the others. It bothers me too.) I did a braid at the top on each side and added it to the bigger braid as I went along. I can’t wait for her hair to be long again, so I can do this. I need to look for hairstyles for shorter hair. It is taking awhile to grow back. I learned to do this one in 4th grade. Love it!

20140503_17192520140503_17195520140503_173701Crazy Hair
Not a real hairstyle for going out unless this is how you roll. This was just wacky hair day at our homeschool group. During the school year, the girls also have wacky hair day at two other groups that they are a part of, and it’s just fun to do whatever! :p

20141017_110907Half Mermaid Braid
This was my first attempt at the half mermaid braid. I have tried it several times since then and it looks better than this now. :p I like it, but it gets messy really easily, and it’s not an easy fix once it is messed up.

20141021_135705Waterfall Twist Rope Braid
This one is way easier than it looks. I really like it, but the top waterfall part doesn’t always stay because Melody’s hair is so shiny. You can see it better on non-black hair, but no plans for changing up hair color anytime soon…or ever. :p

20141213_11101220141213_111032That’s all I have for you right now! Let me know if you enjoyed this super random post, and I will try and post more hairstyles. Thanks! đŸ™‚

Do you have any favorite hairstyles? Are there any you want me to try on Melody before she has short her again?

Pros and Cons of Shorter Hair

Again, these are my opinions and my experiences with short hair. My hair is usually longer than shoulder length, so I’ve only had short hair a few times in my life…after I donated. My pros and cons plus commentaries of other people’s pros/cons are italicized.

Click here for Pros and Cons of Long Hair
Click here to read my HAIRy story about donating my hair

Me and my goofy girl (who jumped into my shot)...the first days/weeks are a little odd to me. I think because the ends of the hairs are not really the ends? But this is the latest (and only) pic I have of after the cut.



  • Light and airy
  • Easy to wash = LESS TIME
  • Use less shampoo = LESS SPENDING
  • Dries faster = LESS ELECTRICITY USED (although I air dry when I can whether with long or short hair)
  • No more strands of hair hiding in my clothes (esp inside the back of my shirt!)

A pro that didn’t make my top 5 but still up there is: Hair won’t get caught in coat zipper
-its cute, chic, hot depending on how you style it.
-it doesn’t get in your face that often, plus when its windy it doesn’t blow all over the place like long hair does. (I beg to differ as there were some mighty gusty winds and I could not see to put Emily into her carseat after storytime.)
-Easier to brush and manage.
-Healthy because hair needs to be cut every once in a while (not necessarily)
-easier to style, variety of cuts, more dramatic, it’ll be a new look, less split ends, shinier hair, hair at the roots are always more moisturized than at the tip, so you’ll have healthy hair, no more snags and tangles, and you can always clip it with cute clips. (Emily has short hair and it has tons of tangles all the time, depends on your hair’s texture.)
-in summer, it’s nice to have short hair that doesn’t stick to your neck all the time (Depends on how short. A longer bob(?) would definitely stick to your neck.)
-helping other by donating hair to organization like Locks of Love (Yes!)


  • Can get in your way, esp if you can’t put it up all the way
  • Messy in the morning
  • Can’t hide hairs that are sticking up in odd places
  • Thicker short hair = poofball
  • More maintenance (in my opinion, once I go short, out comes the straighter/flat iron)

-you can’t really style it like you would with long hair. since its so short, you can’t really like tie it up and also its hard to curl because there isn’t that much of it.
-if you don’t like it or it doesn’t frame your face well, then you have to wait like a year for it to grow back long enough.
-less styling options, once you go short you can’t go long (I notice that once I went short the first time, my hair got super thick.)
-can’t be put in a ponytail, and if it can, the hair always comes loose (This bothers me a lot, esp when working out, or having to bend down to pick things or children up.)
-Cold for winter (although a cute hat could fix that =]) (Who wants to buy me a hat?)
-Sometimes shorter pieces tend to want to do their own thing and be a pain in the you know what. (I feel like it’s not fixable at times.)
-lose the sexy feeling of long hair

Here are the sites I found some of the pros/cons:

– Joyce

What do you think about short hair? What are some pros and cons?