Closing and Opening

New CV Library

New CV Library

This Sunday, the CV library will be closed until Halloween. The new building for the library is finished and all the books will be transferred from the old building. I’m very excited about this. I know everyone is used to the current building and some residents have been going there for ages, but it is a little small. One time we were there in the afternoon instead of the morning, and the children’s area was swamped with teenagers. I don’t have anything against teenagers, and I understand that there isn’t a teenagers’ area, but they were a little rowdy for the little ones who were there.

On Halloween, there will be a Great Book Pass from the old building to the new. 300 new books will be passed from volunteer to volunteer until it gets to the new building. I’m not sure we will make it for that, but we’ll definitely be there for the grand opening. The new building is actually closer to us, so that’s another plus. It’s just across the way from the BART parking lots, which is 2-3 blocks from our house.

Since we get warmer weather later over here, I guess we’ll be heading out to the park on Thursday instead of the CV library. Of course, we won’t miss Wednesday storytimes at the San Leandro library. Melody would be so sad. And it also gives us an excuse to check out the other libraries in nearby cities.

We’ve only lived here for 18 months, so a lot of stuff is new to us. I’m sure that this is a HUGE thing for those who have lived here forever. Our neighbors have lived in their house for 40+ years, and probably in Castro Valley for most, if not all, of their lives. I wonder if this is the only library that the city’s ever had, or if there was another building before. We should go take a photo of ourselves at the old building before it closes. That also makes me wonder what will happen to the old building. What will they use it for?

Here are some photos from last April’s groundbreaking: