Our Week in Photos (Week 9 of 52)

Our Week
Joyce went in for the glucose tolerance test on Monday. And we got the results on Wednesday. (We didn’t know, but Amy from Coffee with the Mrs. said they also do the test with jelly beans now too.) So that’s a relief for us to hear that we got a passing score. Yay! While we were waiting for the results, of all places, we went to the Ice Creamery to get Melody’s free sundae for her birthday. She loves that place…okay, maybe just the Batmobile and the ice cream. Joyce also played sous chef to Norm again on Wednesday when we tried a new recipe – Beef with Peppers and Black Bean for when his family came over for dinner. There are a few things to tweak, but it was still yummy. And we also had artichokes. Yum! We did try another new recipe earlier in the week, but Joyce always tries out new recipes…hehehe And she cooks without a sous chef. Tonight, we are having dinner with friends who should be expecting their 2nd baby….any day now??? And tomorrow should be exciting as well. Our church is having their annual Pinewood Derby and Chili Cookoff. Here’s a look at how our week went: Week 9 of 52.

Norm has another meeting with a recruiter on Monday late afternoon. It looks like there aren’t too many financial analyst jobs right now, but tons of accounting (bean-counting) ones open if anyone is looking. Joyce has a monthly appointment with the OB that morning as well. Melody is still going through some anxiety stuff, and it looks like it’s not just separation. It’s not as bad, but we’re still not too sure what the deal is. Thanks for your continual prayers. In other updates…we have an “About Us” page up.

Small Things
“The Belly” is getting pretty big, so Joyce had Norm help out with the Small Things this week. He was happy to help out, since it makes him productive. Norm helped with shaking out the rugs (which needed shaking out) and cleaning the baseboards (which needed cleaning). “Nesting” has really helped Joyce with her points this month. haha

– Joyce and Norm

From Week 9 of 52

Update on Glucose Tolerance Test

I got the results back from the glucose tolerance test. It looks like I passed. Whew!!

The standard range is 70-140 mg/dL. I’m at 106. (I love that I have access to my medical records online. It beats waiting to hear the results when I go to my next appointment.)

Actually, I’m surprised it’s as low as it is because my cure for my morning sickness is ginger ale, and then there were the holiday goodies that I can never pass up, and there was Melody’s birthday cake….

So far everything seems to be going well. I’m in my 3rd trimester. I’m having a hard time finding a comfortable position to sleep in though. I haven’t kept track of my weight gain, but it’s all in the belly…again… *sigh* I wish it would spread out just a little. If you look anywhere else on my body, you can’t even tell I’m pregnant, but the belly totally gives it away. Seriously, it’s all belly. I know that in a few weeks, I’ll probably be super sleepy during the afternoon.

So my next appointment is this coming Monday. Please pray. Thanks.

– Joyce

Glucose Tolerance Test

I did the glucose tolerance test yesterday morning. (For those who don’t know, it’s to find out if you have gestational diabetes.) They gave me lemon-lime for the test because I had orange last time. So I’ve been told that this test was horrible and the stuff is nasty tasting. (We used to have a can of some glucose powder mix that we drank when we were little. It didn’t taste nasty to me, so I’m wondering what it is that they used to give this test before.) I guess that must have been before the flavors came out. Because we were still living in SF during my first pregnancy, I had the test done at a lab in Daly City, and they had a different brand of glucose drink. To me, the orange drink tasted like melted orange popsicle. This time around, the lemon-lime drink tasted way more carbonated than last. It was like a supersweet 7-Up.

Anyhow, you have 5 minutes to down the thing (which is hard to do when it’s carbonated like that…it’s 10 oz). You can’t eat 1 hour prior and following, as some foods (like a big scoop of chocolate ice cream topped with the works) may alter the results of the test. I don’t think anyone wants to have to go back to take the 3-hour test. There’s also a warning on the label that the drink can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or fainting. Yikes! So I did this in the morning yesterday, and went in to get my blood drawn after an hour. (Read my previous experience of blood work at the center on my momaroo blog. Luckily, I got another nurse this time, and there was no digging into my veins this time around. Whew!) We should be getting the results back by Wednesday. Like any test I take, I hope I passed!

– Joyce