Moy Garden 2014

We have spring break this week, so I figured we finish all the “work” so we can “play” all week. 🙂

On Saturday, I spent all day cleaning stuff inside the house…as in laundry, Swiffering, vacuuming, cleaning mirrors and windows, scrubbing the sinks, etc. Norm gave the lawn a much needed mow. Melody picked weeds. Emily? I’m not sure what she was doing. I think she was probably crafting or making sure to move our to-do Post-its to the completed side once we were done. :p

And since spring is indeed here, it was time to take a trip Evergreen Nursery.

None of us have a green thumb, so some plants don’t make it, but tomatoes have never failed us. 🙂

Even if you aren’t picking any plants up from the nursery, it is a fun place to visit. I think they have workshops from time to time. I think maybe we need to attend some of those workshops. :p


Taking a break?

Taking another break? :p

To be continued… come back to see what other plants the girls chose to plant in our garden this year. 🙂

Are you growing anything in your garden? What will you be growing?

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Gardening Workshop

Photos captioned by Melody

Note from Melody’s mom: A parent in our community decided to lead a workshop for the kids on gardening. I forgot what I was doing, but Norm took the girls, and I walked to meet them at the library afterwards. It’s a nice 15-20 minute walk there. The girls were planting their cantaloupe seeds when I got there.

She is talking about gardening.

Those are foods from her garden.

That is a garden. There are squares of different kinds of plants.

You have to separate the plants or else they will grow too close together.

Emily is doing her project. She is supposed to match the fruits and vegetables.

It looks like hard work. :p

I was supposed to draw a garden by stamping plants in each square.

We got to plant cantaloupe.

We are getting food that the lady grew in her garden.

Emily is coloring an Earth Day coloring page. I’m eating sweet potato, strawberries, melons, carrots, and lettuce.

We are trying out all the foods.

I got to pick a pencil after I colored the picture.

We all had matching pencils.

We learned how to plant the garden, and we went to plant our own garden afterwards at home.

To be continued….Emily will caption a post about our trip to Evergreen Nursery and how our garden is doing.