Gift Guide: Games for Kids

The Moys love a good board game, so I’m not sure why we didn’t have a Gift Guide for this already. :p This is not an extensive list as we play many various games after family dinners at my parents’ house every Sunday. We will for sure add to this list soon!

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Sorry– The kiddos chose this one for this list, but I have never been a fan of this game because I think it is mean to send someone packin’ from their space if you don’t have to. :p We have the newer version with the Fire & Ice pieces, but we don’t usually play using those pieces. I think it is a bit confusing, but it can be fun too. I think maybe someone else needs to do a soundbyte for this one. :p haha Oh, but not to fret! They also have this is various versions like: Moana, Star Wars, and more!


The Ladybug Game* – We LOVE this one. It is for younger kiddos, but we still love it. It was created by a girl, and there is no reading involved to play this game. It is great for learning to follow directions and beginning counting for younger children.



The Game of Life– This is another of the girls’ favorites. It is a bit long for my taste, but they really enjoy this one. I believe we have the newer version that has careers like fashion designer(?), which are fun for the kiddos. I do like that they learn about “life”.



Eye Found It!* – You would think this is a game that kids will get bored of it, since once you have found all the items, you kind of know where it is, but they still love it! I think they are mostly a fan of the super duper long board, but that’s fine if they are having fun. 🙂 If you enjoy I Spy books, this is the perfect game for you.



Checkers* – We have the sports version of checkers, but it may be a collectible. It has the baseball teams on the board, and the pieces are baseball helmets for the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants. 🙂 This is definitely a classic.



Gravity Maze* – Melody received this last year for Christmas, and I thought (I’m sensing a theme of me thinking wrong :p haha) it wouldn’t last long at our house since it is more of a logic, solo game. M does enjoy it more, but they can play this for quite awhile once they get into it. There are many levels so it is a challenge if you want to do some thinking.



Kanoodle* – We received this as part of a summer fun kit full of books, Mad Libs, puzzles, etc. I figure we would bring some items to my parents’ house that the girls can play with when it was too hot to hang out for long periods of time outside. So….it turns out that MY MOM really LOVES this game! My dad likes it too. This one and another logic game (IQ Twist) are still at their house! It looks like they have an Extreme version* and a Genius version of this game as well. Anyone want to buy it for my mommy for Christmas? :p (I already have something in mind for her. hehe)



Hedbanz* – We have also played the smartphone app version of this game, but who doesn’t like wear a plastic headband with a picture card on their head. We had family over for Christmas one year, and they tried to get out of playing it by saying they only speak Chinese. Well, guess what? You can play this in Chinese too! :p hehe I think they all had fun. 🙂 We did play the phone version of this yesterday. Always a good time.



Jenga* – We have the classic version of Jenga, but they have lots of different versions of this one too. And of course, there’s some generic brand called jumbling tower, but do not be fooled – the original is the best. :p I have seen the human-size version as well. I have not played, but it seems like it can get dangerous. And I must be a party pooper because I’m not a super huge fan of this game either. Norm LOVES it though. The girls also enjoy using the blocks along with other blocks to build little cities in our house, or they use it as dominoes. Love their creativity and thinking outside the box!




I’m not sure if there are anymore gift guides coming soon on our blog this year, but if you have any guides you would like us to put together, leave a comment below and let us know.

What board games do you and your family enjoy?

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