Friendship Bracelets

by Melody Moy

Note from Melody’s mom: I used to spend summers making friendship bracelets. While the thread is inexpensive, I can see why people can sell them for so much money. It takes a lot of time to make them, and your hand cramps up. :p I was so excited that Melody got a kit for her birthday. 🙂 If anyone is interested in buying some friendship bracelets, maybe she can start a business. 😉

I got a friendship bracelet kit for my birthday from my uncle.

This is me trying to make my first friendship bracelet.

My auntie and my mom was teaching me how to braid the threads together.

I was happy because I got it!

I was finishing my bracelet.

My bracelet’s finished! I gave it to my friend Elin for her birthday. She said, “Thank you,” and we took a picture together.