Surprise Party

On Sundays we usually go to Gung-Gung and Po-Po’s for dinner. Sometimes, Yee-Yee and Kow-fu are there…and Uncle Aaron too! But Mommy and Daddy said we were going to a party. It was a surprise party.  I don’t even know what that means, but they said I was supposed to say “Surprise!” when I saw Uncle Frank. He is a worship leader at our church. He turned the big 5-0!! And his wife Gretchen decided to throw this surprise party for him.

We got to their home, and there were soooooo many people there. I didn’t want to go inside the house. Mommy and I walked around the outside, and we also went to the back, down the steps. There was a swimming pool and a big trampoline. And it was like we were in the woods. I wanted to play on the trampoline, but the big kids (teenagers) were jumping on it. Mommy said it was a little dangerous for me. I’m still little.

Then, they told us that Uncle Frank was on the way. We went out front. I think the neighbors were wondering why there were more than 80 people out in the street. The car drove up and I think I now understand what a surprise party is. Everyone brought a finger food/appetizer to share, and boy, was there a lot of food. Everything was so yummy. I even got to play on the trampoline a little bit after dinner. I love those big kids. They are so fun. I wanted to stay down there, but the pool was not fenced or anything, and really, I am too little to be jumping on the trampoline with the big kids. I also sat on the hammock for a little bit.

It was getting late. We sang Happy Birthday (one of my favorite songs right now), and some people ate cake. It was close to my bedtime, so we said goodbye to everyone and got ready to leave. It was a great time even though I was nervous when we arrived since there were so many people. I think we should have more surprise parties.

– Melody