February Update: Challenging Times

Although January ended on a bit of a sour note. February allowed us to become more refreshed. We started out our month (Super Bowl Sunday) at a Worship Night at our friends’ church. Norm was backup to the backup (who couldn’t make it that night) on bass. The following week was just as exciting because we celebrated Melody’s 2nd birthday. She has grown so much this past year. It has been a challenging month though because she’s been going through some crazy anxiety. Despite that, life goes on and we’ve had some fun. Norm and Joyce got to try out a Japanese restaurant in Hayward. We visited some of our friends who are expecting the arrival of their 2nd baby. Joyce did the glucose tolerance test, and the result was good news. This month ends the monthly visits to the doctor’s, and so that means it’s getting closer…(it’ll be bi-monthly visit from now until the last month for those who don’t know). Things are going well. We ended the month at our church’s Pinewood Derby and Chili Cookoff. It was great fun. Melody loved watching the cars go down the ramp, and we’ll definitely have to go when doors open to taste ALL of the chili next year.

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