Day 1: Jelly Belly Factory {Tahoe 2016}

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Day 1 – Friday, October 7
– Departure was after lunch since Norm had a work thing in the morning
– Jelly Belly Factory, Fairfield – factory tour
– Arrival in Auburn was later than expected after fighting the Friday night traffic
– Dinner: Chick fil A (our first time!!)

Captions by: Emily
Typed by: Melody
Extra comments (in italics) by: Joyce
Photos by: Joyce and Norm

We went to Jelly Belly Factory as our first stop on our way up. Here’s our story:

On the Road
On the road, we had a bunch of stuff in the car and we were all packed up and ready to go. We played lots of games in the car, like Spot the Different Car Colors and I Spy. There wasn’t a lot of things to spot out there. (We did spot license plates from about 7 states.)



Jelly Belly Factory Tour
There were a bunch of Jelly Belly beans there. The first thing we saw when we got there was a Jelly Belly Factory car with Jelly Belly beans on it. You might not see it there if you happen to go there. When I entered the building, I saw giant Jelly Belly Bean balloons hanging out of the ceiling. They were gigantic!
3This picture was inside the Jelly Belly Factory Tour. Be sure to keep your hats on! (This was not our first time at the Jelly Belly Factory, but it was the first time taking the tour. We learned a lot of new things!)
4These were real Jelly Belly Beans in the mosaics. I liked all of them!

7 8 9We got to smell a bunch of Jelly Belly Beans. That makes me want to eat them!
10There were a bunch of jelly beans that they made. Did you know that it takes 14 days to make one Jelly Belly Bean?

We played this game where you have to drag all of the jelly beans that are oddly shaped or the wrong color up. There are ones like this in real life. These jelly beans are called Belly Flops.


Here’s some info on the free self-guided factory tours that are offered to the public daily:
– Updated HD/4K quality videos to give you an up-close-and-personal look at our candy manufacturing
– Interactive exhibits and games along the tour lane
– A self-guided walk along the elevated, ¼ mile long tour lane to give you a bird’s-eye view of the entire operation.
– Free samples at the end of the tour

Other fun stuff at Jelly Belly:
– Browse the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Art Gallery
– Shop the Jelly Belly Candy Store
– Dine at the Jelly Belly Café
– Shop the Jelly Belly Chocolate Shoppe and Fudge Counter
– Sample your way through the Chocolate & Wine Experience

Welcome to Auburn
(After the Jelly Belly factory, we started making our way up to Auburn. Our friends recently moved up there so we were making a fun stop before Tahoe. We got to eat at Chick-fil-A for the very first time. We do have ones closer to home, but we’ve just never had more reasons to make a trek there. (Yes, I know…the sauces!! :p ) We give it a thumbs-up, but didn’t take an pics while we were there since we were eating and catching up. Then we ended the evening with chatting, unboxing a double oven, and Jenga..and a movie for the girls.)
14 15


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Tahoe Trip 2016 Part 2 Recap

20161007_144516Since we are replenishing the funds after our Australia trip 😉 , our trips this year were closer to home. We went to Tahoe in the winter and decided it would be fun to visit again without the snow.

Before we made our way to Tahoe, we stopped off in Fairfield, Auburn, and Placerville/Camino for a factory tour, visit with friends, and hanging out in the orchards (respectively). It has been a long time since we have done a detailed trip recap, but if any ONE of our handful of readers is interested, we will write more!

If you have asked us or will ask us what we did, the answer was and is that we didn’t “do” much of anything. :p Sometimes, it’s nice to just “be”.

Big thanks to the Bagais for having us as houseguests! And also thanks to the Moys (Norm’s fam) for being our travel buddies this round, and making yummy meals when we didn’t go out to eat.

Day 1 – Friday, October 7
– Departure was after lunch since Norm had a work thing in the morning
– Jelly Belly Factory, Fairfield – factory tour
– Arrival in Auburn was later than expected after fighting the Friday night traffic
– Dinner: Chick fil A (our first time!!)
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Day 2 – Saturday, October 8
– Apple Hill, Placerville / Camino – visited 5 orchards
– Arrival in South Lake Tahoe at dinnertime
– Staying at: Aston Lakeland Village Resort
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Day 3 – Sunday, October 9
– California / Nevada Stateline (Van Sickle Bi-State Park)
– Lunch: Heidi’s Pancake House
– View of Lake Tahoe from beginning of the Vikingsholm Trail
– View of Lake Tahoe from private beach at Aston Lakeland Village Resort
– Dinner: Base Camp Pizza Co.
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Day 4 – Monday, October 10
– Check-out: 11AM
– Apple Hill, Placerville / Camino – visited 2 orchards
– Lunch: High Hill Ranch at Apple Hill
– Homeward Bound!
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After a busy start to the new school year and adjusting to new schedules and new groups and new plans, the trip was much-needed and very relaxing. We will add links to this post as we do reviews and daily recaps. Have you traveled lately? Where have you been? What should be our next destination?