Our Week in Photos (Week 34 of 52)

SaturdayRigatoni’s and Yogofina with Norm’s cousins and family
SundayDaimo with Aaron’s family (It was great to meet Jen’s future in-laws!!)
Thursday – Norm and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! (See album for details. =p)

Tomatoes news: I think we might have even more tomatoes this year than last. The count is up to 68! Anyone have some tomato recipes to share with us?

Small Things news: I’ve been keeping up with all the Small Things this month! Yippee! Couldn’t do the pet one since we’re not pet people. So I got a day off there, and then yesterday I kinda got a break because the Small Thing was “Selah“.

Visit our album to see what else went on this week: Week 34 of 52

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

– Joyce

From Week 34 of 52