MOPS Craft: Courage Key Necklace

Since I posted the other MOPS craft, I figure I could keep going. :p We started out our new MOPS year in September making Courage Necklaces. In our MOPS members welcome kit from MOPS International, we received a Courage Key (The Giving Keys). We are supposed to find someone who needs the message of courage, and give them the key. Our super crafty Creative Activities coordinators, Megan and Kristina, came up with the idea of making the key into a necklace.

10517420_735954056453056_1319747969969472452_o(Photo credit: Kristina)


  • 1 – 30″ bronze etched chain
  • 3 – bronze beads
  • 2 – bronze jump rings
  • 1 – bronze jewelry clamp
  • 2-3 – assorted feathers (I used a 2-in and a 1.5-in feathers.)
  • glue (E6000 recommended)
  • Toothpick
  • Needle-Nose Pliers


  1. Arrange your two feathers (the larger feather below the smaller feather) and trim the feather quills to the same length.
  2. Using the toothpick, apply the glue to the inside of your first bead (the one that will sit lowest on the hanging feather) and thread the feather ends through. Repeat for the second bed.
  3. Lay your clamp over the ends of the feather quills and slide it snugly against the beads. Trim the quills to ensure that they will not be longer than the clamp once closed.
  4. Using a toothpick, apply glue to the inside of the clamp and lay your feather quills in the clamp with the “pretty” side facing the front of the clamp and quickly crimp your feathers into the clamp with the pliers (you want to be sure the hole on top of the clamp is clear of any glue or feather, or the charm will not hang nicely on your chain).
  5. Using the pliers, open the jump ring, add it to the hole on the top of the clamp, attach the same ring to the bronze chain and close using the pliers.
  6. Lastly, using the same method, add a jump ring to your Courage Key and attach to the chain.

10600649_10152748918206155_3563097143993451626_nDo you know someone who needs the message of courage? What message would your Giving Key have on it?

– Joyce