Our Week in Photos (Week 11 of 52)

Our Week
We started out the week with a visit from Joyce’s high school classmate. She came to drop off some stuff from the 10-year high school reunion last year. She brought her sons, one who is a week younger than Melody and the other just 2.5 months old. They had fun playing together. You can check out some photos here: Week 11 of 52. We actually headed out to San Francisco for dinner with Norm’s family on Tuesday instead of them coming over to our place. Melody was super excited to go back to her first home. hehe Crossing the Bay Bridge she kept pointing to the Bay and saying, “Boats!” Not too many boats out, but some cargo ships.

*Norm has a phone interview today (10AM PST).
*Joyce has a doctor’s appointment on Monday.
*Melody’s anxiety has evolved. If we give her a heads up on what’s going to happen, she gets nervous about it and cries before it happens. Like when I told her my former classmate was visiting, she cried, but after they arrived she was fine. Same with going to church, she cries before we get there, and once there she plays okay. Poor girl.

Small Things
Completed everything again this week! Woot! Yesterday’s Small Thing was an easy one because Melody is an awesome little helper!! She usually cleans up after herself without being asked. At night, she puts stuff away (like her blocks) and says “Good night” to them. We’re really blessed! We’ll be stopping by for “Coffee” some by this weekend. Have a great Friday everyone!

From Week 11 of 52