My Brave Emily

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beyoubravely_logoIf you have been around the blogosphere recently, you will see that “Brave” is a hot word! Our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) theme this year is Be You, Bravely! I love it! (You can tell by all the exclamation marks!)

I think most of us who are moms (esp during the new mom stage) sometimes tend to forget about who we are apart from our kiddos. I love how this theme helps us to not only remember who we were, but who we can become as moms, but also as we grow in this journey. I’m sure there are tons of books out there for us about being brave, but I loved when an email showed up in my inbox about a new book series for girls on being brave!

05291089843There are so many things we can be “afraid” of in this world, especially with how fast (bad) news can travel in a tap of a few keys. There are some brave women in the Bible who can show our girls how to be brave in a world that maybe doesn’t really agree with them. I was listening in on a conversation Emily was having recently with some kids she just met. She started telling them about A/OK (Alpha Omega Kids), which is a weekly kids’ group at our church where they have a worship time, attend different workshops (computer, cooking, crafts, recreation, etc.), eat dinner together, and have a Bible time. She told them that it was about God and how God loves them. One of the boys responded that it was weird…or she was weird. I couldn’t hear what he said. I was so proud of her for sharing her faith, but it also broke my mama heart. It didn’t faze her at all, and she just kept right on playing with them. I don’t want her to ever feel defeated by how others view who she is or what she believes, but how much easier it would be for me to tell her now to say those things because someone might not like her. I would hope and pray that those around her would love and accept her whether they share the same beliefs or not.

If you remember, I am not a huge gifts person. It is definitely not my love language, and we don’t always do Christmas gifts and such because we have enough stuff already and it really isn’t what Christmas is about, but I think these books will end up on the list. (The devotionals are available in March 2015 but you can preorder today.)

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It would be neat to have a series like this for boys too. And because I can’t resist, below are some “brave” books for grownups:
*50 People Every Christian Should Know: Learning from Spiritual Giants of the Faith
*50 Women Every Christian Should Know: Learning from Heroines of the Faith
*Brave Mom: Facing and Overcoming Your Real Mom Fears

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.