My New Bike

by Melody Moy

I’m trying out bikes at the bike store.

This chart shows how old you have to be to ride these bikes.

Once I grow out of my bike, I can trade it in for a new one.

That’s my new bike!

Note from Melody’s Mom: We Norm FINALLY got around to teaching Melody how to ride a two-wheel bike. Emily and I mostly sat inside and watched. :p I think she was ready this past summer or even earlier, but we were just lazy. So, it actually took less than an hour for her to learn the first day she started riding. I think Norm took her out two Saturdays with the old bike that was too small for her, and she was able to better start herself off. The third Saturday we took the birthday money that my parents gave Melody and they went to the bike shop to pick up her new bike.

And here she is riding her new bike this past Saturday on her birthday!
Oh yeah, Norm got a bike too…