Aussie Lingo {Australia 2015}

DSC_1875We are still sorting through our photos, but we are excited to re-live our two weeks in the land down under through the moments we captured and will share with you. (The above photo was taken in HDR painting mode on the dSLR. It is taken from Observatory Hill Park looking out toward Darling Harbour. Sydney Harbour Bridge (where the first New Years fireworks happen) is on the right-hand side.)

If you are planning a trip to Australia (or anywhere really), I would highly suggest looking up some of their lingo beforehand. There are common words that we use here in the United States that should NOT be used in other places. A simple search for “country-you’re-traveling-to lingo” will help you avoid awkward situations in your time abroad (or in other states)!!

Of course, there are lots of sites that have more terms, but these were the common ones that we kept hearing and using through our time there:

  • elevator = lift
  • string cheese = cheesy peelers
  • ketchup = tomato sauce
  • bathrooms = toilets
  • avocado = avo
  • stroller = pram
  • popsicle = paddle pop
  • breakfast = brekkie
  • drug store = chemist shop
  • apartment = unit
  • garbage/trash can = rubbish bin
  • takeout = takeaway

Other frequently used terms:

  • Cheers
  • Mate
  • No worries
  • G’day
  • How you going?

Brand name

  • Burger King = Hungry Jack’s
  • Rice Krispies = Rice Bubbles


  • Cairns = cans
  • tomato = toe-mah-toe (short a sound)
  • basil = bah-zel
  • Circular Quay (main ferry/bus/train terminal) = circular key

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