31 Days in SF Bay

You’ve heard of The Nester, haven’t you? Well, if you haven’t, you can meet her at The Nesting Place. In October, The Nester has a 31-day challenge.

Our blog has naturally become a documentation of our daily adventures in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I figure I would write about some things to do in here in our lovely home community. I will try to write for 31 days, but you know…life. :p There are also a lot of fun things I will probably miss, but hopefully, we will pick up the series another time to include more fun things to do in the Bay. If you have places in the SF Bay you want to share with our readers, leave a comment, and I will try to blog about it.

sfbaybannerI will update the landing page for this 31 day challenge with links of the different blog posts. Come visit again! 🙂 If you think your readers will be interested in this series, you can grab a blog button on the sidebar (just copy and paste in a post or page) and add it to your blog. Thanks! (You can find the landing page in the drop-down menu under the About tab at the top of the page.)