New Friends

Remember when I met up with some bloggers? No? I’ll refresh your memory.

Well, I didn’t meet up with any more bloggers, but I did meet up with a blogger friend’s friend. I’ve been “following” Kara’s blog since before she had any kids, and now she’s on her way to having a second one! Her friend was moving to the area…surprisingly enough, to the little city where I grew up, and where my parents live! We finally met up the other week, and well, there was mostly parallel playing going on among the kids, we got a chance to chat a bit. Norm got off work early, so he was there too, and got a few phone photos.

And we are hoping to get together again really really soon with the aforementioned “new” to the Bay Area blogger friend.

– Joyce

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Blogger Meetup

Before I even did the product testing for Leapfrog on Wednesday, I had another cool adventure the previous Saturday. I met up with a blogger friend, and her blogger friend, and now we’re all friends IRL (in real life)! It’s not a daily thing for me to go meet up with random strangers at a cafe, but they aren’t really strangers to me. I might even know them more than I know people I see on a weekly basis. You can read the long-winded backstory below.

So, it’s been awhile since I actually started writing this post on the 23rd….

On Saturday, 2/18, I headed up to Berkeley. Surprisingly, I think I’ve only been there a handful of times in my life (but twice of those time happen to be in the past week and a half). I finally found Cafe Yesterday (it was tricky with the suite numbers). It’s a great place to just hang out and chat, which is what we did. Malisa and Jodi are so sweet and I really enjoyed getting to know them.

And I have show you this super cute gift that Malisa gave us. These gals are super duper crafty, so if you are looking for something fun to make head on over visit their blogs for some ideas!

Backstory leading up to this meetup:

Stay with me because this might be a little confusing. In 2008(?) I started reading Rachel Anne’s blog (Home Sanctuary). She started a weekly link up called Company Girl Coffee. From there, I met a blogger name Alicia (@ Alicia’s Homemaking). Alicia had recently found a friend who (Or is it whom? I can never get that right.) she grew up with (it’s a small world in the blogosphere). Now they are both mommies and bloggers! That friend, Jodi (of Life and Oh-La-Dee-Dah), was moving to my neighborhood…well, the Bay Area anyway. So I connected with her online.

We seriously are so close to one another but our schedules never worked out for us to get together. Anyhow, she had made friends with two other bloggers close by, Malisa and Claire. Malisa and Jodi have met IRL before, and I think Jodi and Claire have also met before, but I have never met any of them. Claire couldn’t make it that day, but we’ll have another get-together so that we will meet. Sounds like the 6th degree of something or another, right? =p Okay, so that’s the story. Still with me? If not, that’s all right.

Have you had any fun adventures lately?

– Joyce

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