JeZa Photography

Our friends Jeremy and Zabrina have finally launched their website to showcase their beautiful photography. Check it out and leave a comment on THIS post and they will donate to Global Food Crisis Fund. Read their announcement below:

Dear Family & Friends,
親 愛 的 親 朋 好 友 ,

I am so excited to announce that our blog & work in progress website is finally up on running.
Please stop by to leave us some love on the site. We are now collecting comments before 5:00 pm on 12/31/09 (San Francisco time). We’ll donate $1 for every comment we will receive on to World Vision’s Global Food Crisis Fund. Your comments could be the beginning of hope for children in poverty. Thanks and wish you all have a happy new year.

我 地 的 JeZa Photo 網 頁 終 于 隆 重 登 場 喇 ﹗ 麻 煩 大 家 有 時 間 上 來 看 看 ﹐ 留 言 比 我 地 . 為 慶 祝 我 的 開 幕 , 我 在 收 到 的 每 一 句 留 言 ﹐ 我 地 就 會 向 世界宣明 會 為 幫助飢餓貧窮的兒童基 金 而 捐 助 一 元 美 金 . 到 12/31/09 下 午 5 點 (三 藩 市 時 間 ) 為 止 。 祝 各 位 新 年 快 樂 。

Love in +,
Jeremy and Zabrina
Jeremy & 力 力

Sites We Love: YouTube

youtubeYouTube has a smorgasbord of videos to browse through.  Norm views clips of live worship events and songs, Joyce catches up on full episodes of TV shows if network websites are slow/down, while Melody checks out cartoons, classic children videos, and Sound of Music clips.  YouTube is the premier website of all things video.

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Sites We Love: Totally Tots

Lots of ideas to interact with your toddler. Crafts. Books. Devotionals. Meals. Websites. Activities. All suitable for 12-47 month olds (1-3 year olds). And you can show off your tot during the month of their birthday, as a Cute Tot, or as a featured tot.

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Sites We Love: Facebook, Myspace, Friendster

Social networking? Keeping in touch with friends? Spying on (or stalking) a crush? These sites are good for all these things. I think Friendster was one of the earlier ones, but few people I know use it now. Myspace is a little too much for my eyes. It seems like most people liek to change their layouts often, and all kinds of glittery web bling, and I can’t keep track of who’s who because people don’t use their real names. More to maintain. Facebook is more straightforward to me, and I have heard it has replaced some people’s email accounts.

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Sites We Love: Blog Chef

Pretty simple and delicious recipes. Be prepared to use lots of oil. Bobby for Blog Chef likes to do a lot of deep frying.

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Sites We Love: Snapfish, Shutterfly, Winkflash


Each of these photo websites have their pros and cons. We can’t decide which we like better. Snapfish has the best quality, but it is quite pricey in terms of shipping and handling fees. If you order from Snapfish, get the prepaid plan. Shutterfly seems to have the most deals (which we totally take advantage of), and we get prints free from collecting points from Pampers. Winkflash is the cheapest and has quick delivery (maybe it’s because they’re shipping from San Leandro), but the quality of the photo paper is poor.

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Sites We Love: Weddingbee

is a blog-based website started around the time I was engaged. I found it through xanga. Brides-to-be apply to blog about their wedding…the planning, the process, the budget, the DIYs, etc. If you find a bride-to-be who is getting married in your area, you may find it helpful when they review vendors and venues.

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Sites We Love: SFGate

Why buy a newspaper when you can view today’s articles online?  You can also look up older articles and our favorite annual Top 100 Restaurants in the Bay Area and Bargain Bites.

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Sites We Love: The Knot


It has been awhile since our wedding (like 4+ years), but I still enjoy the site The Knot. Of all the wedding websites I have tried, I think this is one of the more comprehensive ones to use in planning. It is very detailed and there are tons of articles. I have never been to the message boards, but I heard the community there is great, and you can get ideas, advice, and encouragement for your wedding planning.

Other The Knot websites:

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Sites We Love: Allrecipes

Usually one of the first places I look for new recipes is It is very useful if a recipe has lots of reviews to see what worked or didn’t work for people who have tried the recipes. I like how you can also change the number of servings and it will automatically redo the amount of each ingredient to how much is needed for the recipe.

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