Kid Talk: Sin –> No Sin

Melody was drawing crosses on the easel, and then the girls started having a conversation about dying, and that Jesus is God, etc…

I can’t remember the whole conversation, but here’s a tidbit:

E: Jesus died for our sins. He was sin.
M: Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life.

(Awana much?)

And then, this verse came to mind:

2 Corinthians 5:21 – God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

…which I remembered because of these awesome cassette tapes (GT and the Halo Express) we had growing up.

Field Trip: Semifreddi’s

We are part of a group called Homeschoolers Loving God, and there was a field trip to Semifreddi’s in Alameda. I had to get special permission for Melody to attend since the minimum age to go on the field trip is 6 years old, and her birthday wasn’t until that Saturday (the field trip was on Wednesday). She was very excited that they let her go. And thanks to my awesome in-laws for watching Emily so that we could go.

Note: Phone photos –> some blurry ones

We arrived early and had to wait for a few others before starting the tour.

Most of the group (kids, anyways)

Oh yeah, stylin’ with the hairnet.

Sooo many types of breads and pastries!!

Breads in the lobby area

Semifreddi’s opened in 1984 in a small space (smaller than my kitchen!) in Kensington, CA.

And now, they are located in Alameda. Look at this huge flour silo!!!

They punch some numbers into a digital keypad, and the amount that they need goes from that big flour silo, through a tube, into a GIANT sifter (which started up while we were standing next to it!), and into that funnel.

Water is added, along with yeast and salt, and it becomes this HUGE thing of dough! (If you’re cool, you can also rock the beard net like these dudes.) It was some outrageous amount of loafs that they can make from this amount of dough.

A huge mixer!

Assembly line, and look at all those baking sheets! (Yes, I’m going to add exclamation marks at the end of every sentence! It was that cool!)

300 gallons of oil and then some…

ANTM, here we come!

Owner Mike Rose gave the tour

Taking dough out of the baskets and scoring the tops

Before we were quizzed on what we can remember (so we can get our gift bags), we also walked through an oven!! It was slowly baking yummy breads at 90*F.

Another group shot

Each gift bag contained lots of yummy breads, biscottis, croutons, and a pastry. Super duper yummy stuff!


The bakery is right next to where my sister works, so we also went to visit her, thus the apple visitor sticker that Melody has on her hoodie. I’m not the biggest fan of apple turnovers, but that one was good! And the croissant was delicious too.

Their breads are sold within 50 miles of the plant, and I think there are 2 cafes in Berkeley.

It was a long tour, but very fun and informative. I think the first 45 minutes was just Mike telling us about the history of the Semifreddi’s and how bread is made. Sidenote: There are 3 men’s restrooms and 1 women’s restroom at the plant. That is all.

If you want your own tour of Semifreddi’s but aren’t in the area, you can check out the virtual online tour. It is the 3rd video on the page or you can click HERE.

Melody’s 6th Birthday

We aren’t doing a big party this year, but we are doing a few small things throughout her whole birthday month. Earlier this month, we celebrated Melody’s 6th birthday. We had a simple family dinner.

Melody said, “I’m not sure the boys will like pink.” :p

My sister got her a cupcake…and the feasting began.

We got this cake from Emura’s Love Cakes.

My sweet 6-year-old

Our girls + their cousin – Psst, they need some more cousins. ­čśë


Lighting the candle

Love all these fabulous people!

Cake and ice cream!


My New Bike

by Melody Moy

I’m trying out bikes at the bike store.

This chart shows how old you have to be to ride these bikes.

Once I grow out of my bike, I can trade it in for a new one.

That’s my new bike!

Note from Melody’s Mom: We Norm FINALLY got around to teaching Melody how to ride a two-wheel bike. Emily and I mostly sat inside and watched. :p I think she was ready this past summer or even earlier, but we were just lazy. So, it actually took less than an hour for her to learn the first day she started riding. I think Norm took her out two Saturdays with the old bike that was too small for her, and she was able to better start herself off. The third Saturday we took the birthday money that my parents gave Melody and they went to the bike shop to pick up her new bike.

And here she is riding her new bike this past Saturday on her birthday!
Oh yeah, Norm got a bike too…

Winnie the Pooh KIDS Play: Closing Night

Audition | Rehearsals | Getting Ready | Week of Insanity | Opening Night

And this should be the last of the Winnie the Pooh KIDS Play posts! ­čÖé Finally!


Before the show, I took Emily out for a date with our friends. It was all the 3-year-olds! ­čÖé

Start of the show

“A Pooh bear lie sleeping safe and sound, and dreaming of snacks galore.”

So excited!

“Willy nilly silly ole bear! Silly ole bear!”

With the director

Paper Plate Awards

Thanks for coming to closing night, friends!..and also to a few who we didn’t get pictures with. So bummed that we didn’t get pics with everyone who came to support our budding thespian.

I love that Creekside Church offers this program to kids who otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to perform in a play. I think Melody has found her “thing” because sports is definitely not it. :p Two weeks after we attended the Alice in Wonderland play that the 4th-8th graders were in. The girls were disappointed that it wasn’t a musical like Winnie the Pooh KIDS, but they enjoyed most of it. I was super impressed by Alice who had a TON of lines.

P.S. Melody will be in the Schoolhouse Rock LIVE! production in March.
P.P.S. We are still singing the songs at our house. Melody has every single line memorized, and Emily has all the songs memorized as well as half of the speaking parts. Yes, I think we have found their “thing”. ­čÖé

Winnie the Pooh KIDS Play: Opening Night

Audition | Rehearsals | Getting Ready | Week of Insanity

Sorry to leave you hanging for the Winnie the Pooh opening night post. Here it is!

Melody made her debut as a bee in Winnie the Pooh KIDS!

The Backson Song

“But most of all Winnie the Pooh!”

Can you spot my bee clapping her heart out?



Collecting all the Hunny Pots.

Backstage with our little star!

With the director

Thanks for coming to opening night, friends!..and also to a few who we didn’t get pictures with.

Winnie the Pooh KIDS Play: Week of Insanity

Audition | Rehearsals | Getting Ready

What is the Week of Insanity you ask? It is the week of the show!! This week had 3 days of rehearsal. Each rehearsal was 2 hours each. The last one was the dress rehearsal. The awesome Ms. Jenny made all the costumes (and probably the props as well)! Can you believe that?

The bees perfecting their “Honey Honey Honey” song. ­čÖé

Rabbit’s Garden

Hip-Hip Pooh-ray! The finale!

And do it once again…


I think I have some more photos on my phone, but I haven’t really been great about uploading them lately….more to come I guess. :p

This week’s Our Week in Photos will be posted before the end of the weekend, but I will not be online most of tomorrow….