Garden 2013: Evergreen Nursery

I figure we should post about our garden before harvest time. We already picked some tomatoes!

Below are photos captioned and typed my Melody! ūüôā

Evergreen Sign


There were so many flowers.

Me and my flower

Us and Emily’s flower

What a wonderful place

What a big cart we have!

Koi pond

Flowers all around me. There is a ton of flowers.

My sister is looking for the perfect flower.

Isn’t that a wonderful flower?

Note from Melody’s mom: Some of the flowers pictures are what we have growing in our yard, along with artichoke plant and tomato plants (One tomato plant was given to us by a lovely church friend who can grow anything!! She is also in an upcoming Dahlia show if anyone is interested. I can give you info.) We also have/had a chayote squash plant, but perhaps a neighborhood critter got to it. ūüė¶ We’re still working on getting our green thumbs.

Anyone have any tips on turning our brown thumbs green? Please don’t say Miracle Gro. :p Have you taken a trip to the nursery? If so, what did you get there?

Gardening Workshop

Photos captioned by Melody

Note from Melody’s mom: A parent in our community decided to lead a workshop for the kids on gardening. I forgot what I was doing, but Norm took the girls, and I walked to meet them at the library afterwards. It’s a nice 15-20 minute walk there. The girls were planting their cantaloupe seeds when I got there.

She is talking about gardening.

Those are foods from her garden.

That is a garden. There are squares of different kinds of plants.

You have to separate the plants or else they will grow too close together.

Emily is doing her project. She is supposed to match the fruits and vegetables.

It looks like hard work. :p

I was supposed to draw a garden by stamping plants in each square.

We got to plant cantaloupe.

We are getting food that the lady grew in her garden.

Emily is coloring an Earth Day coloring page. I’m eating sweet potato, strawberries, melons, carrots, and lettuce.

We are trying out all the foods.

I got to pick a pencil after I colored the picture.

We all had matching pencils.

We learned how to plant the garden, and we went to plant our own garden afterwards at home.

To be continued….Emily will caption a post about our trip to Evergreen Nursery and how our garden is doing.

Friendship Bracelets

by Melody Moy

Note from Melody’s mom: I used to spend summers making friendship bracelets. While the thread is inexpensive, I can see why people can sell them for so much money. It takes a lot of time to make them, and your hand cramps up. :p I was so excited that Melody got a kit for her birthday. ūüôā If anyone is interested in buying some friendship bracelets, maybe she can start a business. ūüėČ

I got a friendship bracelet kit for my birthday from my uncle.

This is me trying to make my first friendship bracelet.

My auntie and my mom was teaching me how to braid the threads together.

I was happy because I got it!

I was finishing my bracelet.

My bracelet’s finished! I gave it to my friend Elin for her birthday. She said, “Thank you,” and we took a picture together.

My New Bike

by Melody Moy

I’m trying out bikes at the bike store.

This chart shows how old you have to be to ride these bikes.

Once I grow out of my bike, I can trade it in for a new one.

That’s my new bike!

Note from Melody’s Mom: We Norm FINALLY got around to teaching Melody how to ride a two-wheel bike. Emily and I mostly sat inside and watched. :p I think she was ready this past summer or even earlier, but we were just lazy. So, it actually took less than an hour for her to learn the first day she started riding. I think Norm took her out two Saturdays with the old bike that was too small for her, and she was able to better start herself off. The third Saturday we took the birthday money that my parents gave Melody and they went to the bike shop to pick up her new bike.

And here she is riding her new bike this past Saturday on her birthday!
Oh yeah, Norm got a bike too…

Same DVD

I saw the same dvd in my photo album. the photo was from my first time at the cv library . we just checked out the dvd last week.


Note from Melody’s mom: We were looking through photo albums because Melody wanted to do a “Guess My Age” game at her family birthday party, and she saw the DVD in the photo album. Her eyes lit up and she went to the shelf to find it. We happened to have checked it out from the library that week. The photo is from her very first visit to the old CV library.

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What I’m Reading

Here’s another post by Melody. I guess I need to work with her on capitalization and punctuations. =p

by Melody

i like reading the boxcar children series. i like the children in i because they stories. I’M ON BOOK #3


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San Francisco Symphony

Here is another blog post by Melody. I inserted the photos and she told me what she wanted as the captions. I wrote it out on a piece of scratch paper, and she typed in the captions. I typed up the summary of her experience, but she did the captions. Enjoy!

by Melody
I went with my homeschool group to the San Francisco Symphony last Wednesday. We took the BART train there. We heard a lot of music. I liked the can-can song. Can you do the can-can? :p I really liked the flute. Brenda’s was too crowded for lunch, so we went to Round Table, but it was too full. So we went to Burger King instead because it was next to it.

My first BART ride

standing on the BART

walking with friends

the symphony

the whole symphony togeher

inside the symphony


davies symphony hall

on the BART with yee -yee

Melody’s Blocks

this    is        my   wonderful  creation   of   blocks  those      blocks    were   from     when      daddy    was     little    Рmelody