Emily-ism: Mansion

I can’t even remember what we were talking about in the car, but probably something about cleaning, because that’s what we talk about.

Upstairs house = two-story house

Melody: I don’t think I’m going to have an upstairs house. Are you going to have an upstairs house?
Emily: No, I’m not going to have an upstairs house. I’m going to have a mansion.

Yes, dream big, my child. :p

Emily-ism: Love

Lunchtime prayer (it’s VBS week)

Dear God, Thank you for Power Up Preschool. And the red team. And the purple team. Help us to love. Like you love. And turn it up. In Jesus’ name, Amen

She prays the ‘help us to love’ part everyday. Obviously, we need help with that. :p Or maybe I do. Sorry to the other groups. I think she just forgot what other colors there were.

– Joyce

Emily-ism: Dangerous

We were making french toast this morning.

Me: Did you want to put it on the griddle?
Emily: No, thank you. I am too dangerous.

There are always fun commentary when there are Kids in the Kitchen.

– Joyce

Summer Reading 2013: Barnes and Noble

And so it begins…

We enjoy our park playdates and mini-road trips and vacations and bike rides and Vacation Bible School during the summer months, but we’re also super chill and bookworm-ish (read: nerdy), so we enjoy all the different summer reading programs. If you do a search on our blog, I’m certain, more than a handful of posts will pop up. 😉

The first of the season to be checked off is the Barnes and Noble summer reading program. We went to B&N after going to the Half Price Book summer reading program kickoff storytime, since they are in the same area.

3 Simple Steps:
Step 1. Read 8 books and record them in the reading journal.
Step 2. Bring the completed Reading Journal to your local B&N store.
Step 3. Choose a FREE BOOK from their list.

Emily got My Little Pony: Meet the Ponies of Ponyville, which was super hard to find because there was only one there and someone had turned it around on the shelf so you couldn’t see the name on the book on the spine. Melody got Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth.

Are you or your kids participating in any summer reading programs this summer?


Photos captioned by Emily

Note from Emily’s mom: Norm had gotten a Groupon deal for Golfland awhile back and it was expiring soon. The week we decided to go (and the few weeks before it), I was not feeling that great. We also miscalculated the time for dinner, so I skipped out on the girls’ first time mini-golfing. But they had a ton of fun as Norm’s brother and sis-in-law went with them. I think it was only $20, and they got to all golf, plus 60 tokens for the arcade, which they didn’t even finish using.

That’s from waiting in line to get into Golfland.

That’s me and Jeh-Jeh (Chinese for older sister). We are waiting in line for our turn.

That’s Jeh-Jeh. She’s swinging the club.

That’s Uncle Bakkie (nickname for Norm’s brother) teaching me how to do it.

That’s Jeh-Jeh and Uncle Bakkie.

That’s me hitting the ball into the hole.

Jeh-Jeh wanted to do it again.

Auntie Bonnie was hitting the ball too.

Jeh-Jeh and her golf ball.

That’s me and my jacket because it was sprinkling. Just a little rain.

Jeh-Jeh was taking a picture again.

Jeh-Jeh taking a picture again.

We are sitting with the house.

Jeh-Jeh’s swinging the club, I think.

We are playing air hockey.

I was playing air hockey again.

Jeh-Jeh was still playing air hockey.

Then, we were playing skee ball.

I was watching and Jeh-Jeh was playing.

We got a lot of tickets.

That’s putting the money in.

That’s how many tickets we had.

Daddy took a picture of us with our stuff prize.

Emily-ism: Gorgeous


The photo is unrelated to the post, but I just wanted to have any image here. :p

I was asking Emily how she wanted me to do her hair. She told me she wanted it in a braid. I was braiding and asked her if she wanted me to do the braid just half way or all the way to the end.

All the way to the end so people will say it’s gorgeous.

And then just today she was picking a printed scrapbooking paper. When she opened the book to see the paper, her face lit up.

Look, Mommy! It’s GORGEOUS!

I don’t even know where she got that word because we don’t really use it often around here.

Field Trip: In-N-Out Burger

by Emily Moy

Note from Emily’s mom: We went on a field trip with our homeschool group to In-N-Out Burger. There were 20+ kids and adults. They gave us a little history of In-N-Out. It started in 1948 in California in a 10-ft square space. Now they are in 281 locations (5 states). We, then, split up into 2 groups, and got a tour of the restaurant. Afterwards, they treated us to a meal, although it was a little odd to eat a burger at 10am. Photos below are taken by Melody (except for the ones where she’s in the photo), and captions are by Emily. Extra commentary by Emily’s mom.

This is the cleaning stuff.

That is all the clothes for changing.

The drink, like drinks we have in our refrigerator. (We don’t have drinks like these in our refrigerator. We have milk, orange juice, pomegranate blueberry juice, ginger ale, and sometimes Starbucks Frappuccinos.)

Boxes of tomatoes

That is potato to cook.

That’s lettuce.

He’s showing us tomatoes.

He showed us how to slice tomatoes.

That’s all the tomatoes.

That’s lettuce. (They also take off the spine when cutting up the lettuce for the burgers.)

That’s Jeh-Jeh wash her hands. (Jeh-Jeh is Chinese for ‘big sister.’)

She mush, mush, mush, mushed it. (There was no mushing involved. This contraption slices up the potatoes into fries. I can go for animal-style fries right now.)

That’s A and Melody drink.

That’s us draw and drink. (Everyone got coloring books, crayons, an associate name tag, hats, and a free meal.)

We do picture with a hat…a crazy hat. (The hats weren’t too crazy. The girls, maybe. 😉 )

What fun field trip(s) have you (or your kids) been on recently?

Emily on Sunday


We are having a wonderful weekend! While you await the Our Week in Photos post, enjoy a collage of Emily from this morning. :p I love this girl I can’t believe she is three and three-quarters already. 😉 (She gives us daily reminders that she is not three and a half anymore.) How has your weekend been going?