Maximize Your Mornings

My Maximize Your Mornings Backstory posts:
10.15.10 – Week 3: Maximize Your Mornings Challenge
10.26.10 – Maximize Your Mornings Challenge
02.22.11 – Wake Up!!
04.19.11 – Waking Up
05.05.11 – Maximize Your Mornings Challenge
09.01.11 – Maximize Your Mornings Fall 2011 Challenge
10.17.11 – MYM Fall 2011 Challenge Update
12.23.11 – ‘Twas the Thursday Before Christmas

Resources I have found helpful:

    Set the alarm. Yup, that simple.
  2. Get some God Time (in His Word and through prayer)
    Pray: For your kids. For your husband. For yourself…..
    Bible: YouVersion has some wonderful Bible study and reading plans. I always do the Bible study that goes along with the Hello Mornings challenge with Do Not Depart.
    Worship: So much great stuff out there. You can start with some of the songs I have in the player above.
  3. Get moving
    Exercise apps: I have 5 free apps on my Droid that I use. They are 5-10 minute each, so it makes for a great workout.
    Sparkpeople: Loads of great videos. You can track your food and exercise info.
  4. Get a game plan (for the day)
    The one could be an endless list. There are so many great printables out there to use in planning our days. What do you need? Meal planning list? A calendar? To-do list? I can help you find it, and start a running list of resources. To start us off, there are SOME PRINTABLES over at Inspired to Action.

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