Day 4: Back to the Bay {Tahoe 2016}

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Day 4 – Monday, October 10
– Check-out: 11AM
– Apple Hill, Placerville / Camino – visited 2 orchards
– Lunch: High Hill Ranch at Apple Hill
– Homeward Bound!

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We really didn’t do much on Monday morning since we needed to check out at 11am. Packing up and checking that we didn’t leave anything was what happened.

Aston Lakeland Resort + Village Center 
Aston Lakeland Village Resort is a collection of more than 100 townhomes (1 to 5 bedrooms with free wi-fi) you can rent along with free continental breakfast in the winter months and free kids camp/activities in the summer months. There is also a shuttle that can take you to and from nearby destinations. The resort village also has a private beach with a boat/walking pier that jets out onto Lake Tahoe.

Our 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom with a loft was enough to fit 14 people. You can probably fit 2 more on the couches in the living room. There was a full-equipped kitchen and a mini patio deck. The townhome had 2-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms on the entry-level floor, the kitchen/living room and 1-bedroom/1-bathroom on the second level, and the loft on the top level. The rustic-themed townhome is apparently owned by the Richardsons. They have a big family, which explains the townhome accommodations.

If you have a big family or a lot of people, renting one of these townhomes is the way to go. Plus, you’re right on the lake.




On the Road Again 
On the way back home, we ran into some traffic.  Apparently, there was road work on a stretch of highway in Pollock Pines. They were one-laning and stopping traffic in each direction. We had to wait 30-40 minutes in stand-still traffic until we were allowed to travel through the one lane.







Apple Hill, Take 2
On the way up to Tahoe, we didn’t pick up apple items for friends and family, so we decided to pick them up on the way home. We were also on the lookout for elusive APPLE MILKSHAKES.

The first stop was High Hill Ranch, one of the top apple orchards in Apple Hill. We ate a late lunch and in the same building, there was a window to watch workers cutting apples.

The apple milkshakes were being sold at “The Wine Shop”, which also sells Apple Beer, Apple Wine Spritzers, and Cider Champagne. We ordered the Apple Cider Shake and Caramel Apple Shake. They were the only non-alcoholic beverages sold at “The Wine Shop”.

Abel’s Apple Acres was our last stop where we picked up Apple Butter, Apple Fritters, and Apple Bread for home.
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And then, we were back in the Bay before we knew it!


And so ends our trips for 2016. Where should we go next?
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