Gift Guide: Children’s Christmas DVDs

We thought we would throw some DVDs into the mix. I *think* some of these are available to stream, but you can make sure to have them on the list of movies to watch for next Christmas if you decide to buy them. Since we don’t own a TV, we don’t own a ton of DVDs, but we do check them out from the library and watch them at family members and friends’ homes. ūüėČ Thanks family members and friends! ūüôā And all that to say, there are lots of Christmas movies we haven’t seen yet. We would love some recommendations!

Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas, Saint Nicholas: The Joy of Giving, The Little Drummer Boy, The Ultimate Christmas Collection¬†– What’s not to like about talking vegetables? :p Every show has a great lesson for the kiddos (and adults) to learn.¬†There are a few other Christmas DVDs, but I don’t¬†think we have watched them before. You can find a PARENT GUIDE to the themes of all the VeggieTales DVDs on their website.
saint nicholasdrummer boy

What’s in the Bible Christmas –¬†I love this DVD because we get to see how all these Christmas symbols came into being. The tree, candy canes, stockings, Santa Claus, the word Christmas. It does talk about the¬†background of Saint Nicholas, so depending on what emphasis your family has put on Santa and your kiddos, be prepared for questions. THIS POST on the What’s in the Bible? website¬†gives a good review of what the DVD covers.

The Promise: Birth of the Messiah¬†– We got this DVD two years ago, and it is still one of the girls’ favorites for Christmastime. There are some pieces of the real Christmas story¬†that we usually don’t discuss or see as often when we think about Jesus’ birth. You can read a more DETAILED REVIEW of this DVD on our review blog.

A Charlie Brown Christmas¬†– Definitely a classic, but beware if you haven’t watched this one in awhile, remember that they do use the words “stupid” and “blockhead” quite a few times. I think the girls mentioned this in passing one time, but otherwise, it has gone mostly unnoticed.

Mickey’s Magical Christmas – (Mickey’s Christmas Carol) – This one is not available on DVD anymore, but it is a compilation of some older Mickey Christmas films, but is shown as old videos in a “current day” setting when they are snowed in at the House of Mouse. The whole casts of Disney movies are there to help a friend find Christmas joy again. Mickey’s Christmas Carol is one of the features in this movie.

The Polar Express¬†and¬†The Original Christmas Classics Gift Set¬†are also great. The girls haven’t watch The Polar Express and it has been years since we checked out the book from the library, but I watched it with my students when I taught PreK.

Coming soon will be a gift guide for non-fiction books, Christmas books, and books on our to-read list! I already share the books I have enjoyed reading each month (although I still need to give an update for this month), so check out the complete book list HERE and some of the monthly updates HERE.

What Christmas movies do your children enjoy watching? What did you enjoy when you were a kid?

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