Day 19 – Organized Christmas: Get Those Stockings Ready

This is Day 19 of our 31 Days To An Organized Christmas. To read all the posts in order, start with this post, then visit the Landing Page to see the outline for the whole series.


Some Thoughts:

We never did stockings when we were kids, so it hasn’t been on our radar. The girls did enjoy learning the legend of the stocking when we watched some Christmas shows…I think it is in Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving and Buck Denver Asks…Why Do We Call It Christmas?. We won’t have stockings this year either, but maybe in the future… here’s a cute one I found on Dayspring:


When thinking about stocking stuffers, buy things that are small and will be loved and used. Keep it practical, useful, and fun. – Get Yourself Organized for Christmas

Once again, make sure to read the book for some quick tips from Kathi!

Is hanging up stockings a tradition at your house? What are your favorite stuffers?


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