Day 14 – Organized Christmas: Gather Your Elf Supplies

This is Day 14 of our 31 Days To An Organized Christmas. To read all the posts in order, start with this post, then visit the Landing Page to see the outline for the whole series.


  • Read Project 10: Gather Your Elf Supplies (pages 69-71) in Get Yourself Organized for Christmas.
  • Check in with your Organized Christmas buddy.
  • Figure out what you already have (gather it in one place) and what you really need to buy.

Some Thoughts:

For this project, here are some printables that are useful:

DSC_0198(Emily with the elves circa 2010)

I love Kathi’s reminder that being prepared will save us time, money, and stress. Doing a little each day will go a long way.

We don’t have anything that is Pin-worthy, but what we have has served us well in the last 10 years of marriage. I think the year that we got married, we ordered some gift-wrapping paper and other items from a fundraiser of a cousin’s kiddo. We have been keeping all the things in the box since then. And if gift bags are reusable after we received a gift, it is reused. We used bags from bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, and birthday gifts for a long time! I also scored on some free baby shower gift bags in the swap/sell group I run. With all the items in one place, I can see what I have and what I need for the holidays.
It is all kept in the bottom of our linen closet. Our house does not have a lot of closet space so we do what we can with what we have.

  • If you are tired of using the same old wrapping paper year after year, maybe you can find some friends to swap a roll or two with. Of course, the amount may not be even, but at least your brother won’t be receiving a gift with the same wrapping paper like the past three years. :p This could also work with holiday cards if you don’t do photo cards.
  • Wrapping gifts not your thing? Swap holiday tasks with a friend…maybe she doesn’t like addressing envelopes? I don’t go to the stores enough to know, but when I was in high school, our service club wrapped gifts for a donation. That may be an option.

Get all this stuff in one place so that when you have to go into elf mode, you’re not running all over the house. – Get Yourself Organized for Christmas

Wrapping gifts – love it or hate it? 

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